5 Best Virtual Escape Rooms for Team Building   

Escape Room

Team building is vital for workers to work as a cohesive unit in the workspace. When workers know their way around each other and can collaborate, you can improve your business’s overall productivity.  

While there are several kinds of team-building activities for your workers, playing an escape room game can be the most effective form of exercise for your team. In this article, we have compiled the five best virtual escape rooms for team building that your workers can try out: 


  • Hourglass Escapes: Rise of the Mad Pharaoh  

No. of players allowed: 3 to 6 


  • To enjoy this virtual escape game, you must pay approximately $30 per person. 

Game Plot: In this immersive escape room adventure, you will need to rely on the strengths and roles of each of your team members. Do you think you have what it takes to unearth the clues hidden in all those crates of artifacts and save the trapped doctor in time?  

  • Exit the Room: Murder Escape Room  

No. of players: 2 to 6 


  • Players must be at least 14 years old to play without adult supervision.  
  • The escape game incorporates diverse, realistic, and authentic sound effects to enhance the escape experience.  

The game plot begins with you and your team stepping inside the doors of an enigmatic motel. You come across many local rumors retelling the tales of people who had once entered the place but were never seen to leave…. Are you ready for the spooky challenge lying ahead of you? 

  • Experts: Jack’s Hangover 

No. of players: 2 to 6 


  • To enjoy this virtual escape game, you must pay approximately $20 per person.
  • Players can enjoy this game only on their PCs. 
  • The minimum age to play this game without adult supervision is 18 years.  

The game plot: The protagonist of the game, Jack, wakes up with a bad headache in a hotel room and cannot recall the previous night’s episodes. Players must look at different locations and search for clues to discover what happened. Are you ready for the challenge? 

  • Virtual Escape Room Singapore: Virtual Squid Escape Game 

No. of players: 2 to 100  


  • To enjoy this virtual escape game, you must pay approximately $20 per person.  
  • This game can be an excellent choice for your corporate team-building activities.  

Game Plot: Remember the popular Korean TV series, “Squid Game”? Well, this online escape game is based on it! The plot follows with you having received harsh treatment by the ruthless game organizers. Tired of the same, you decide to escape. Are you ready to run the evils of the place in time? 

  • Puzzle Break: The Grimm Escape  

No. of players: 4 – 400+  


  • Players need to pay $25 per person to play the virtual escape game  
  • Players can play the game on Zoom 

Game Plot: You and your teammates will find yourself trapped inside an enchanted forest’s depths. Your team will face several challenges in the enchanted forest, where you must solve the puzzles and escape the witch’s curse in time. Are you ready to test your wit and wisdom before you run out of time?  

These are the top 5 virtual escape room games that can help you build up an efficient team of workers at the workplace. So, go ahead and check out these different online escape games and find the right one for you and your team! 



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