8X Hunting Game in Vietnam

Despite being one of the most popular games in Vietnam, the 8X trò chơi săn mồi is still a mystery to many. The game is played by using a scope and night vision device, and it is believed that the game was originally played by Vietnamese soldiers in the war. But how did the game become so popular, and what are some of the best features of it?


Using a card to score a few points is not a new gimmick in the Vietnamese community. Although the game is played for real money, it is not uncommon to see a high roller spending up to $5000 on a single session. This is not to mention the number of local clubs and clubs in the greater metropolitan area. The Vietnamese are also prone to frequent cheating on a grand scale. So it is no surprise that the competition is fierce. For the most part, a few players are rewarded for the right play, with a fair number of the lessers getting snubbed. A couple of notable exceptions to this rule include a couple of pugilists from the aforementioned club.

Aside from the competition, the game is also a boon to local tourism as it provides a unique and enlightening experience for visitors to the country. Using the game to showcase the country’s culture, history and cuisine is a win-win for all involved.


Using a variety of sources and technologies, game designers have crafted some variations of 8X hunting game in Vietnam. These games are still in the pre-production phase and their release dates are not yet set in stone.

The first of these games, in fact, is a 20-minute demo released in January 2022. It was made by Tender Games Studio. The game is based on the Vietnam War and incorporates aspects of the real thing. It is not a hardcore sim and is designed for a wide audience.

The game’s developers consulted experts with firsthand experience to design the game. It is expected to have 50 staff members and a 30 month development cycle. The games combat will include tanks and helicopters.

Night vision devices

Using night vision devices has improved the safety of hunters. They allow hunters to identify game easier and more accurately. They are also a great tool for hunting large game in the dark. However, these devices can be expensive.

Before purchasing a night vision device, it is important to understand how they work. Some night vision devices are easier to use than others. A night vision device can be used during daytime or nighttime, but they need a secondary light source. In addition, some night vision devices have features such as Auto-Gating, which help improve the image in dynamic lighting conditions.

Some night vision devices have five brightness levels, which prove to be useful in low-visibility weather. In addition, some night vision devices use dedicated battery packs.


Whether you’re planning to hunt large game in Vietnam or you want to take a long range shot, an 8X scope is a must have. There are a variety of scopes available, ranging from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. The main features of an 8X scope include a high-resolution optic, which will help you see details in dark forests. You can also find a variety of non-illuminated reticles, which are perfect for hunting large game in the dark.

A typical 8X scope has a magnification power of eight or ten, which is perfect for long-range shots. It’s also compatible with night vision devices.

The first military scopes to be used during WWII were designed for range estimation. The Marine Corps issued snipers 8X target-style Unertl scopes. They also used Japanese-made Redfield Accurange Scopes.

Decree 121 regulates prize-winning electronic games

Previously, the State Bank of Vietnam permitted prize-winning electronic games to collect foreign currency and pay it to winners. However, the government has recently issued Decree 121, which imposes strict regulations on prize-winning electronic games. Those who want to run a prize-winning electronic games business must meet certain requirements and have an enterprise license. This Decree will have a profound impact on the online gaming industry in Vietnam.

Prize-winning electronic games are games of chance played on prize-winning video game machines. Players pay money to participate in the game. The prize money is transferred to the player’s account. The prize money is not allowed to be used for gambling or making bets with others.

To operate prize-winning electronic games, enterprises must be licensed by the State Bank of Vietnam. They must also comply with the law and implement internal regulations on anti-money laundering, anti-terrorist and counter-terrorism, as well as internal rules on management, entry, exit, and exit-door procedures.

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