A Few Easy Steps to See Liked Posts on Instagram?

see liked posts on instagram

Instagram is a trendy application that is available on both the Google play store as well as App store from where a large number of people can get this application. It lets you like, comment, and share the posts of your friends, family, or other people which you like. 

If you are also an Instagram user and you want to know how to check liked posts on Instagram then in this blog you are going to know about it. There are certain steps that you are required to follow if you wish to see the liked posts. 

Steps to See Liked Posts on Your Instagram Account 

Make sure to follow these steps carefully to see the liked posts. 

  1. You are supposed to first open the Instagram app on your mobile device and then make sure to log into your account. 
  2. Once, you have logged into your account you have to click on the profile tab and then from there, you have to select the three lines which you will see on the screen. 
  3. Now, you have to look for the option of your activity on which you have to click after you are done clicking it you have to tap on the interactions tab. 
  4. Under interactions, you have to press on the likes option and as soon as you will click on it you will be able to see the posts which you have liked. 

You can also unlike the posts you want by clicking on them and then unliking them. 

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Unlike Multiple Instagram Posts at Once 

Now, you know how to find liked posts on Instagram let us know how you can remove the likes from the posts. We are going to tell you how you can remove likes from multiple posts at once on your device. 

  1. After opening Instagram you need to move ahead to the liked posts section using the same steps which were mentioned above for you. 
  2. You have selected the posts using the select option which will be available for you on the top right corner of the screen. 
  3. You have to now choose multiple posts from which you want to remove the likes. Once you are done selecting the posts you have to review them one last time. 
  4. Now you simply need to tap on the unlike button so that you can unlike multiple posts at once. 

See Liked Posts in the Web Version of Instagram 

If you want to see posts you’ve liked instagram on your computer or PC then let us tell you that it is not possible. Unfortunately, the web version of Instagram does not allow you to see the liked posts on your account. 

You can only see the liked posts using the app version of Instagram, however, there are some third-party browsers available that you can try and see if they are working or not. 

We hope that the information in this blog provided to you was useful for you and you were able to see your liked posts and unlike the ones you want.

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