Periodic certification of dental surgeons and seven other health professions will begin in a few months. It is a significant advancement in the ongoing training systems for caregivers that are being developed.

Dental surgeons’ continuing education, binding legislation

Dental surgeons, like all other health professions, have numerous continuing education obligations. The need to expand one’s knowledge and keep one’s skills and knowledge up to date led to the formation of the National Professional Council (CNP) of dental surgeons. The CNP-CD held its General Assembly on May 12 to elect its new president and office. Dental surgeons must follow a three-year minimum training action plan, and the order of the profession is responsible for monitoring compliance with health professionals. If the National Order of Dental Surgeons has already stated that the control (which began in January) will take into account the exceptional situation (coronavirus health crisis) for the period 2017-2019, the control for 2020-2022 will be much more in line with the spirit of the legislation. However, as the new CNP-CD team reminded us, CPD and, more broadly, continuing education will undergo a new (r) evolution:

“Obviously, one of the priority missions of the CNP-CD office’s new mandate will be support for the implementation of the periodic certification announced for 2023.”

From training to mandatory periodic certification, the profession faces a new challenge.

We recall the heated debates that erupted during the July 19 ordinance’s publication in the summer of 2021. 7 health professions subject to a professional order will be subject to mandatory periodic certification beginning January 1, 2023. Doctors, dental surgeons, midwives, pharmacists, nurses, masseurs-physiotherapists, and podiatrists-podiatrists will thus be required to comply with this new requirement every six years. As with CPD, it will be up to each of these professions to ensure compliance with this new system, with any violations subject to disciplinary action.

On the other hand, many industry experts point out that this new device has been designed in such. A way that all health professionals should be concerned. Thus, according to a recent decree (May 12, 2022), the National Council for Periodic Certification (CNPC) is endowed with 7 commissions comprised of professionals from each order. As a result, dental surgeons will be involved in the development of the certification reference system for them. This desire to involve all relevant players aims for greater efficiency in this development. Relying on the mobilisation of all relevant health professionals. We’ll have to wait a few weeks (months?) to learn more about this reference system. But dental surgeons already know that they’ll have to. • Update their knowledge and skills, • Strengthen the quality of their professional practices, • Improve their relationship with their patients, and • Take better care of their personal health.

And do you think that this periodic certification is a good thing for dental surgeons’ continuing education? How do you rate these CPD and periodic certification requirements?

We all remember the summer of 2021 and the heated debates. That broke out after the publication of the July 19 ordinance. Beginning on January 1, 2023, mandatory periodic certification will be require. For seven health professions that are governed by a professional order. All medical doctors, dentists, midwives, pharmacists, nurses, physiotherapists, and podiatrists will have to renew their licences every six years. Each of these fields will be responsible for monitoring its own members’ compliance with. The new system. Similar to continuing professional development (CPD), noncompliance will result in disciplinary action.

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