Bangalore’s popular Microlight flight


What are Microlight Flights:


Microlight planes are little seater planes planned for a pilot and learners/travelers. Zenair and Xair are the 2 renowned microlight styles used by avionics bunches in Bengaluru.


Flying is a novel encounter, that is more attractive while you get to stand the strong breezes. There are masses of techniques and effective methods for attempting this and noticing the area from a higher place, but the same entertainment gives what microlight does. It manages the cost of your reassurance and rushes simultaneously.

Microlight flying

In simple words, Microlight Flying in Bangalore happens on a plane, which has the capability of travelers. In any case, those little planes are parts additional complex than that. With a three-sided wing on zenith and a motor, they license flyers to float heaps of toes over the ground. The spotlight of microlight flying is disliked by different ethereal excursion sports exercises like paragliding, hold floating, and sky plunging, donors sit down basically in their seats and steer the plane. It has come to be a to-be-expected spot supply of movement wherever on the planet.


Presently, you moreover may have the danger to loll in a microlight flight and notice why it has come to be a rage. Give a trip for your legend of floating with an exhilarating circular of Microlight Flying in Bangalore. The revel in is nothing speedy or exciting as you up-push above at 4000ft. Flight can situate 2 people overall and you’ll have the errand of a co-pilot. When on the top, revel in the general points of view of display underneath.


At Jakkur Runway


The interest timings are from Non-weekend days from 07:00 AM to 09:00 AM

Ends of the week from 07:00 AM to 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM withinside the nights…

Arrive at the spot and get assigned orders at the microlight flying in Bangalore.

Get outfitted to delight in some of the greatest fun 10 mins of your reality as you revel in the microlight flying in Bangalore.

Fly at the pinnacle of however much 4000 ft and experience your pulse siphoning and hustling inside you.


You can be secure with an expert pilot at the rear of the control.


How might I fly:

Miniature gentle airplane administrators license joy rides. People can ee-digital book an opening and fly with the pilot. During the experience the essentials of flying could be characterized to the traveler and travelers could be permitted to complete a couple of simple moves like making a turn, increment/lower of height, and so on.


Where is Miniature Flight Flying in Bengaluru:

Microlight flying is completed at Jakkur Aerodrome, off-air terminal road in North Bengaluru


Miniature Flight flying length:

A standard flight revel-in goes on for 10-15 mins along with maneuvering time. Time withinside the air will be cycle 7-10 mins. Accurate flight length may likewise run depending on the complete bundle purchased and various components including climate.


Different elements to note:

Weight guidelines may likewise rehearse. Kids aren’t permitted to fly. A shoe is suggested. Flight is a challenge to the good climate, permeability, and ATC freedom. Photography/videography guidelines may likewise rehearse due to somewhere safe reasons. Early morning is a brilliant chance to fly miniature gentle blue tolt of great breeze conditions.


Cost of Miniature Flight Flying in Bengaluru: 

A short counsel could cost a little about INR 3000-5000 depending on the administrator and flight length.


The most effective method to achieve Jakkur Aerodrome: 

Jakkur Aerodrome is 22 km from the Bengaluru air terminal and 15 km from the Bengaluru city rail route station. From Bengaluru city, Jakkur might arrive by the use of public conveyance or auto/taxi.


Spots to live near Jakkur Aerodrome: Heaps of live options are to be had in Hebbal and Yelahanka locale at the edges of Bengaluru.


Extra Data


Flight Administrator has set out a couple of guidelines for flying lovers, and here they are.


He/She should be negligible 10 years old.

He/She should be free from coronary heart infirmities, Basic blood strain inconveniences, or some other basic wellness issues.

Pregnant women rigorously now presently not permitted.

Report min 15 mins past to the dispensed flight opening.

In a 2 seater airplane, the handiest one person might be permitted to fly with the chief/pilot at a time.


Indeed, even infants or young people can not be followed while flying.

The expenses in all actuality do now never again comprise your process charges to the landing strip.


Compassionately convey a genuine photograph personality distinguishing proof on the hour of answering to the landing strip. Records that you might get as identity notification evidence comprise of Container card, Driving permit, Visa, or Elector’s ID card. To avoid the burden, it is compulsory to give any individual photograph identity notification proof on the hour of answering.

Polishing off Liquor or Smoking is precisely restricted withinside the landing strip.

If you’re found beneath the effect of liquor, then the pilot or The Board.


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