How to Draw a Realistic Rose Flower

How to Draw a Realistic Rose Flower

How to Draw a Realistic Rose Flower

Learn how to draw a beautiful realistic rose flower with easy step-by-step instructions and a video tutorial. You can quickly draw a stunning natural rose by following the easy steps. I’m sorry, I never pledged you a rose green. Along with the sunlight, it has to rain a little at some point.” – “(I never promised you a) rose garden,” a song by Lynn Anderson. Would you like to learn how to draw a beautiful and realistic rose? Drawing flowers step by step can help you master the natural outline of the rose flower.

Would a rose by any other term still smell so dear?” According to William Shakespeare, it would be. The rose is a flower with a lot of history. It has been the subject of songs, floriography messages, myths, and gifts of joy and sadness. There are roughly 100 species of roses, and most arrive from the northern hemisphere. Roses are beautiful flowers with a pleasant scent. The petals and fruit of the rose, called rose hips, are used to prepare foods, teas, and medicines. If you liked this tutorial, check out the following drawing guides: Rose Bush, Rose Pixel Art, and Dead Rose.

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Step-by-Step Instructions to Draw a Realistic Rose Flower.

Step 1

Begin the realistic outline of the rose flower by drawing the center of the rosebud of the flower. Use overlapping curved lines to make an irregular spiral shape. From the top, extend a series of overlapping curved lines to outline the tops of the petals.

Step 2

Draw lines in a curved “Y” shape below the post of the lovely rosebud. Then draw more curved lines branching off of these. This describes the top of many petals.

Step 3

Draw curved lines that meet at points in or out over the top of the flower. Allow the bars to connect and reach the top of the rosebud. This outlines more petal tips.

Step 4

Draw another curved line in the shape of a “Y” below the flower, connected to the petals on both sides. On one side, extend a curved line from the top of one petal and wrap it around the flower.

Step 5

Draw long, wavy stripes on each flank of the flower. Underneath one petal, draw a long, narrow line in the shape of a “Y.”

Step 6

Draw the large dots on the outer petals. Use long, curved lines and fold them back on themselves.

Step 7

Draw more petals on top of the flower, using long, curved lines for each one. Fill in the sides of the petals visible on the sides of the flower, using vertical curved lines.

Step 8

Draw another outer petal. Use overlapping curved lines. Next, extend a couple of curved pipes under the lowest petal, allowing them to come together into a sharp point. This will become one of the small sepals or leaves at the base of the flower.

Step 9

Complete the outline of your realistic rose flower by extending two pairs of lines below the flower and allowing each team to meet at the points, forming the remaining sepals. Then, draw a couple of parallel vertical lines. This represents the stem of the beautiful flower; along the side of the stem, circle a small curved rectangle indicates the thorn.

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