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DrChrono is an American digital health technology company. It offers software platforms, billing services, and cloud-based applications for healthcare providers. Its products include an EHR and Medical Billing Service. Its customer support team is dedicated to assisting medical professionals. The company’s website offers more information on its services.

DrChrono EHR

Get DrChrono review, it is a digital health technology company based in the U.S. It offers a software platform, billing services, and web and cloud-based applications. The company’s goal is to help doctors and other healthcare professionals better manage patient information and reduce costs. The company offers a free trial and an introductory price of $299 for medical practices.

DrChrono is scalable for any type of healthcare organization and is completely customizable. It features telemedicine, lab ordering, e-prescribing, and practice management tools. In addition, DrChrono is HIPAA-compliant, which protects sensitive patient information. It also meets meaningful use standards.

Medical Billing Service

DrChrono EHR Medical Bill Service is cloud-based, enabling doctors and other healthcare providers to view patient information anytime, anywhere. The system ensures accurate, up-to-date records. It is compatible with many specialties, and its forms are customizable to fit your practice’s unique needs.

The DrChrono EHR Medical BillING Service can process claims for your patients and follow up with insurance companies, if a claim is denied or delinquent. The software also helps you track claims status and scrub rejected claims before submitting them. The company also integrates with Square to accept payments directly from patients.

The DrChrono EHR Medical Bills Service includes a number of predefined reports that pull data from an EMR system or practice management software module. These predefined reports are customizable and include information on more than 20 specialties, demographics, and diagnoses. The software also offers an API that makes it easier to integrate with other software. In addition, the reporting module exports data to Microsoft Excel.

Patient Portal

The DrChrono EHR Patient Portal is a comprehensive, web-based solution that integrates patient health information and clinical records. It also offers a patient scheduling tool and the ability to conduct virtual visits and send automated emails. This platform meets HIPAA regulations and uses sophisticated encryption and protocols, making it safe for you and your patients to share information.

Licensed doctors can use the DrChrono EHR Patient Portal to electronically transmit prescriptions to pharmacies. It can be used to prescribe both controlled and non-controlled substances, and is equipped to detect drug allergies. It also allows access to patient prescription history through the Surescript network, which covers 95% of pharmacies in the US. This makes prescribing simple and convenient for the doctor while ensuring that patients receive medicine without harm.


If you’re looking for an EHR that has robust patient charts and a simple interface, consider checking out DrChrono EHR. This software is designed for any type of health organization and can be customized to suit specific needs. It even offers integration with third-party labs and supports meaningful use standards.

In order to be an effective EHR, it needs to have robust integration with third-party apps and on-premise tools. Wholesalers, for example, want a system that can seamlessly sync with their sales order management (SOM) solution. Additionally, they need it to be accessible offline, so that sales reps can work without an internet connection. Fortunately, DrChrono EHR has the functionality to import sales history and customer order information from other systems.

The software also has advanced billing features, including integrated billing dashboards. With these, practice managers can easily view pending and denied claims, patient data, and billing analytics. This enables them to analyze practice performance and improve their billing. It also includes tools to improve clean-claim fees and reduce human errors. The ultramodern features of DrChrono EHR help practice managers bill efficiently and accurately.

Patient Demographics

DrChrono EHR users can now create custom patient demographics. Custom patient demographics allow you to add additional information about your patients that are not included in the standard information. To create custom patient demographics, go to the navigation bar, select Account > Custom Fields > Patient Demographics. Once added, these demographics will appear below the standard demographics.

For each patient record, there are a number of options for adding custom demographics. This includes the ability to add a phone number and address to the chart. The Demographics tab in the chart also allows you to specify gender identity and sexual orientation.

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