Extended Essay – Effective Writing Tips & Techniques

For International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP), students are supposed to write an extended essay. This essay demand well-researched and high-quality, independent content. This is one of the most important components, so students must put effort while writing it. The purpose of assigning this task is to know about the research skills of students. No doubt, writing this essay is not an essay task, but you can ace the milestone by following the accurate tips and guidelines at the perfect time. Therefore, this article aims to discuss the extended essay in detail.

How Can You Write a Perfect Extended Essay in an Easy Way?

While writing an extended essay, you can use the following tips and guidelines to have better end results:

Research a Selected Topic

The key to writing a good extended essay is to relax and start researching the selected topic. Research is essential for writing a good essay. Research provides background knowledge of the topic and helps build your arguments. Although not everyone has an aptitude for research, many students find it boring. There is nothing wrong with that because research is an arduous task, but research is essential, and you will not be able to write a good essay without it. Think about research as an exercise of discovering ideas and coming across interesting facts. So, the first step toward writing a good extended essay is to do some research.

Understand the Requirements of an Extended Essay

First of all, you need to spend time and understand the major and minor requirements of essay. In this way, you can grasp the core points of essay’s topic, and collecting authentic data can be easy. Also, you can impress the reader very well.

Make a Perfect Thesis Statement

Your thesis statement must tell your reader exactly what your essay will focus on. For this, it is crucial to remain as specific as possible. If you are writing 8 to 9 pages of essay, you need to address every associated point. There can be an extensive topic that is not focused, and it will be impossible to cover it in 9 pages and on time. Also, the phrase “roots and belongings” is vague. You must write about specific belongings and the roots of the problem.

 Creating Structure for Essay

You need to write an essay in the best structure according to the guidelines and requirements of the programme. If you don’t know the professional structure and format of essay, then essay writing services can help you get the main idea. The second option is to read the free essay samples available at the mentioned service. In this way, you can eliminate lots of mistakes by yourself.

Introduction of Essay

Give an impressive start to the extended essay. Define the problem of essay in simple words so that most of the reader can understand it. As per the standard structure of an essay, you need to provide background information to explore the situation. Furthermore, the end of introduction should be with a thesis statement which may include major issue of the topic.

Add Paragraph of Components

Causes are the reason behind any particular happening. From the title of essay, you can identify the problem and then find how the problem has occurred. Start explaining the primary causes and then go before the secondary one. This approach can help you grasp the attention of readers.

On the other hand, properties are the impressions that occur because of a particular happening. Just like a discussion on causes, you have to put effort into properties. Do not discuss the properties generally but come up with precise evidence and provide backup to your points.

Come up with Supporting Arguments

You have to provide a well-written extended essay. The research for writing an essay should be very strong. Whatever you claim in an essay should be supported with authentic evidence. Also, the source of evidence collection should be well-reputed, so you do not have to deal with defective information. There should be a logical connection between the claim and its support. Provide evidence for the mentioned aspects and make your essay impressive.

Avoid Plagiarism

Citation is a formal and valid way of crediting the person whose data has assisted you in writing an essay. When you have properly credited the author of all the secondary sources, there will be no chance of plagiarism in your extended essay. The research institutes have introduced many referencing and citation styles to ensure that the writers will get their deserve credit for their work. You can opt for Chicago, Harvard or APA referencing styles for the citation, as these all are effective referencing styles. Also, the track of sources gives a professional impression to the reader. On the other hand, an essay with no citations is not considered credible and reliable.

Use Effective Transitions

First of all, you need to understand the purpose of writing extended essay. Irrespective of the writing type, every writer aims to communicate with readers. In this communication, the writer’s responsibility is to make different aspects easy to understand for the reader. This is the approach that engages reader very well in the discussion. So, in order to engage reader and make things easy to understand, the professional writer uses transitional phrases.

If you do not use transitional phrases in writing, there is a strong chance that the reader will get confused about it. The reason behind this confusion is the sudden shift. When you discuss different points of view, it works as a shift. Maybe different points of view are contradictory to each other. In this case, you have to use transitional phrases to create a link between all ideas. In the same way, the same points of view also demand the use of transitional phrases.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned points can help you write an effective extended essay. Your major focus should be the provided guidelines, while the secondary focus should be on essay structure, style, and formatting. Every point has a particular role to play, so you need to be very careful.

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