Gamer or Typical Gamer: Who Earns More?

Gamer or Typical Gamer:

What’s the difference between a Gamer and a Typical Gamer? Quite simply, there isn’t much of one. In most cases, this question refers to the financial aspect of being a gamer; more often than not, people wonder whether being a Professional Gamer pays well or just enables you to play more games. The answer might surprise you; while there are certain games that pay well, they are few and far between, with most Professional Gamers earning a regular salary like any other job would provide. 


The truth about being a professional gamer 

Professional gamers are people who make a living off their gaming skills. One of the main reasons that it is hard to know how much a gamer earns is that there are many different types of gamers. Some are macro gamers, meaning they play for hours at a time and can earn money from sponsorships. Others may only play for an hour or two during the day, so they will not be as successful in terms of income. The average salary for professional gamers is around $25,000 per year. The more you win in competitions, the more you can charge your sponsorships, and this can lead to more earnings over time. Professional Gamer Salary also varies based on where they live and what game they specialize in playing. 


The difference between a gamer and a typical gamer 

The difference between a gamer and a typical game is that the professional gamer’s income is based on their performance while the typical gamer doesn’t get paid to play. Professional gamers can make up to $500,000 annually in salaries. The average professional gamer’s salary is $35,000-50,000 per year. A macro gamer specializes in one game and usually plays for six hours each day. A typical gamer does not specialize and usually plays for two hours each day. For the most part, gamers are responsible for paying their own expenses from game subscriptions to computer parts but there are some exceptions. Typically, a player will only be compensated for winning in tournaments because of sponsoring contracts with companies who want their product advertised by skilled players. 


Who makes more money? 

A Professional gamer, in general, will make more money than a typical gamer. A PC gamer will typically earn more money than someone who plays on consoles. Macro gamers (those who play on multiple platforms) tend to make the most money of any other type of gamer. However, it is also important to note that there are many part-time and casual gamers who may not have their profession listed as a gamer but they still spend a significant amount of time playing video games and making money doing so. 


What do professional gamers do with their earnings? 

Professional gamers can make a living wage just by playing video games. They can earn much more than the average person if they are at the top of their game. But what do professional gamers do with their earnings? They are often making money from sponsorships, streaming, and other sources as well as from playing video games. It takes a lot of time and dedication to become a professional gamer, but it can be very rewarding in many ways. 

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