Great Rock Island 1911 Pistols for Concealed Carry

Some of the industry’s most well-liked (and profitable) 1911 variations are made by Rock Island.

However, no two are alike, and which is best for you will depend on your needs. Here are some of the top Rock Island 1911 handguns for concealed carry without further ado.

MAP MS 9mm

The MAP MS 9mm is a top Rock Island 1911 pistol thanks to its excellent ergonomics, dependable handling, and 10-round capacity. In addition, this pistol has a lightweight polymer frame, a snag-free rear sight, and a black parkerized finish.

There are smaller Rock Island Armory handguns for concealed carry, but this one is a strong contender with to its 10-rd capacity and 7.43″ overall length.

Baby Rock 380ACP

It is small, the BBR Standard 380ACP. It is only 7.25 pounds when fully loaded, 3.75″ length, 1.25″ broad, and 4.81″ high.

With low-profile, slanted front and rear sights, CNC-machined angle grooves, and highly tactile rubber grips, this pistol offers smooth, dependable cycling when you need it most.

You should pick this Rock Island 1911 pistol if you want a lightweight, portable model.

Rock Ultra CS 45ACP

The Rock Ultra CS 45ACP is a significant step larger than the BBR Standard 380ACP at 2.16lbs and 7.32″ overall, yet it still has a lot to offer shooters.

It has a button-rifled barrel, a full-length guide rod, an adjustable rear sight, and a highly visible front sight. The parkerized matte finish and G10 grips round out the features.

This Rock Island 1911 is a good choice for concealed carry since it is tough, trustworthy, and powerful with 7rds of 45ACP.

TAC Ultra CS 45ACP

The TAC Ultra CS 45ACP has the following dimensions: 7.13″, 1.3″, 5″, and 2.25 lbs. A button-rifled barrel and a full-length guide rod are further features.

It actually has many features with the Rock Ultra CS listed above, right down to the sights and grips, therefore it falls into the same category as a rugged firearm.

Apart from the slightly altered size, this TAC Ultra differs in that there is a full rail behind the slide, which is ideal for mounting shooting accessories like lights and lasers.

GI Standard CS 45ACP

The GI (Government-Issued) Standard CS 45ACP shares many aesthetic features with the original GI 1911, including gorgeous, smooth wood grips.

With its non-reflective surface, comfortable grips, and small size, this smaller variant is also excellent for concealed carry. Its dimensions are just 7.13″, 1.29″, and 5.12″, and its weight is 2.36 lbs. It appears to be solid or deceptively dense.

Additionally, this gun complies with laws in Massachusetts, Maryland, and California.

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