Top Ten Hand Tools Every Home should own


Becoming a landowner necessitates the frequent use of your handy skills. Many common house problems, such as leaking faucets, misplaced cupboards, and unscrewing sticky doors and windows, are simple enough to fix yourself if you have the necessary equipment on hand or Buying Industrial Equipment online or offline.


It all begins with identifying the core equipment that every householder should really have, which you can subsequently supplement as needed for various projects. Even if you’re relocating into your first house or just want to ensure you have everything you need. For your work to be done simple you can buy online Industrial tools and Products or any simple hand tools.


The following lists of the hand tools or Industrial Safety Tools which are required by house owners are

  • Screwdrivers

There are different types of screwdrivers available, but for simple home maintenance, you’ll need a head screwdriver (also known as a cross slot screwdriver) and a flat head screwdriver. Several home renovation outlets provide screwdriver bases with various heads that you may replace out as needed.

Magnetic tips are useful, but also have a case or Ziploc sleeve on hand to keep hold of them if your set does not contain storage. Some individuals choose to use screwdriver tips with their cordless electric drills to make things easier, but it’s crucial to have a few plain metal screwdrivers on hand.


The most often used sizes are 1/8-inch tip flat-head and 3/16-inch tip flat-head. You may also use an electric screwdriver to accomplish household repairs faster.

  • Hammer

Hammers are the basic components of any toolbox. You can utilize them to close a paint can, remove a stray nail, or pound a security system sign into your flower bed.

A simple streamlined, clawed hammer should serve. Professionals suggest purchasing one with a rip claw (the portion that permits you to pull out nails) that is moderate weight. For more longevity, use a fiberglass or metal handle over a wood one. Pick up a sledge hammer as well if you plan on conducting any minor demolition work.

  • Wrenches

As component of your necessary tools, you must have an Allen wrench, an open-end wrench, a combination wrench, an adjustable wrench, and a socket wrench. If you do not want to commence with all five, just acquire an Allen wrench and a flexible wrench.


Each wrench type has a certain role. For instance, an Allen wrench is used to assemble furniture, but some other sorts of wrenches are used to loose and tighten nuts and bolts. A flexible wrench, also known as a crescent wrench, is among the most helpful wrenches to have since it can be adjusted to suit the size of the nut or bolt you’re operating with.

  • Pliers

Pliers are necessary for securely gripping small things when handling them. They can also pull, squeeze, or bend metal into form with adequate torque.

There are several varieties of pliers, but starting with the basics—needle nose pliers, slip-joint pliers, and cutting pliers—and add as more required.

While doing electrical wiring, you’ll utilize needle nose and slip-joint pliers to grasp, tighten, and loosen metal pieces, and cutting pliers to cut wires.

  • Knife

There is just one sort of sharp knife, though you may choose between extended and folding. This instrument is also known as a box cutter, Stanley knife, or X-acto knife.

A multipurpose knife is extremely sharp, making it a great instrument for precise cutting. The sharp edge also makes it more secure than using a dull knife or scissors to make cuts because you can complete the task with a single sweep.

A high base knife can open highly sealed bags and cartons, peel away carpet edges, and scrape away glue or paint from any surface.

  • Measuring Tape

Whether you’re replacing an existing item like a wall oven or wanting to transform a whole room, a tape measure should be at the top of your equipment list.

Tape measurements are defined based on the substance they are composed of. A self-retracting steel tape measure is essential for most household restoration work. You might get along by employing a plastic one instead, but it’s fragile and tough to deal with if you’re estimating on your own. Get a tape measure that measures in both inches and centimeters to be safe.

This covers not just house repairs but also mounting paintings and shelves, as well as establishing the fitting of furniture pieces.

  • Level

There are almost 20 various varieties of levels, but most householders will get by with a normal carpenter’s level. Choose the substance (wood, plastic, or aluminum) and length that best suits your needs.

Making certain that vertical and horizontal structures are perfectly straight before fastening a shelf to a wall, for instance – use your level to ensure that it is not lying on an angle.

  • Stud finder

This portable tool detects any nails or screws in the wall, allowing you to mount shelves, portraits, and other items correctly the first time. Stud finders are simple to use and come in magnetic or more sophisticated types that employ technology to analyze the wall.

Likewise, there are other variations accessible, but a simple one should serve. That’s an electronic stud finder in this instance.

Stud finders serve as your sights into what’s occurring on behind your walls, identifying wood and metal studs that you might otherwise miss. Some latest models will also alert you to the presence of specific kinds of wiring. All of this comes in helpful when mounting objects on your walls, especially big ones that need the extra support of a stud.

  • Saw

Hand saws are a sort of saw, and within that category there are even more saws: rip cut saws, pull saws, back saws, bow saws, keyhole saws, and pruning saws, to list a few. However, for regular house repairs and upgrades, you are probably fine with simply a rip cut hand saw.

Making rapid and accurate wood cuts. Hand saws are lighter and easier to use than power saws.

  • Flash light

The lights on your cellphone are enough for minor jobs, but you’ll need a more powerful flashlight for housework. In a crisis, a small or medium-sized LED flashlight would serve, but if you do not wish to bother about how to hold or place the light, acquire an LED headlamp.

When operating in dark locations (such as the basement beneath the home or on pipes in cupboards), in addition to when you need to focus on the details of a specific aspect you’re working on, lights is important.


There are various hand tools which can save a lot of time and reduce work stress. As per the requirement make a list of the equipment which will be used in day to day life. For more details of the general tools or Industrial tools and Products you can refer and Buy Hand Tools online from Emechmart. There are a few all-purpose strategies you may apply to make your duties easier and less stressful.

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