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If you believe in the stats or numbers, there are 500 million people around the globe has some types of hearing loss. The only solution for hearing loss is to use a hearing aid. Hearing aid is just a small gadget or amplifier which amplifies the signals that enter the ear, results in improving hearing.

There are most frequently asked questions

Q. Will using a hearing aid damage my hearing even more

Most modern hearing aids come with a feature where the maximum volume is restricted to a safe limit. This will ensure that you cannot, even inadvertently, damage your hearing further. This is also the reason why you need a specific device in case you are really hard of hearing. These devices will have an increased limit, allowing you to hear properly.


Q. Will wearing hearing aids cure my problem

A. As of now there is no known cure for hearing problems. All that a hearing aid does is improve your hearing by amplifying all the sounds.


Q. Why does everything become much louder after I wear my hearing aid

A. There can be two reasons for this, one is that you have turned the volume control way up, the other is that most times, when people lose their hearing, it is not a sudden thing. It occurs over a long time, sometimes years, and over this time, many of the noises that seem natural to others, like the refrigerator running, or traffic noise would not even have registered for us. If the problem doesn’t solve go for the hearing test in Singapore provided by the “The Hearing Centre”.

Now all of a sudden, we can hear everything, and we will have to relearn to ignore background noises from those that we want to hear.


Q. Which ones are better, behind the ear ones, or inside the ear ones

A. In terms of functionality, there is absolutely no difference. Everything comes down to the aesthetics of the user. Some users do not want a visible hearing aid and go in for inside the ear ones, while others prefer the ones that they wear on their ear lobes because it is more comfortable.

Even here, there are hearing devices that are modeled to your own ear so that they can be as comfortable as they possibly can, while there are others that are basically one size fits all that may not be as comfortable.


Q. Will I be able to use my mobile phone with them in

A. That depends. There are a few hearing aids that do allow this, while others do not. You will have to get one that does work with your mobile. There are also hearing aids that can connect to your mobile device through Bluetooth so that you don’t have to take it out of your pocket to talk. These are all features that are given as extra, and a glance through the specs will give you what information you require.


Q. Do I need two or is one sufficient

A. If you can afford it, go with two. This means that your hearing on both sides will be equal allowing your brain to calculate things like direction of sound, distance from sound, etc. With only one, this is not possible. Yet there is absolutely no difference to the actual hearing, and you can hear just as well with one as with two. Wearing two only improves the quality of your hearing, making it almost like normal.


Q. How much do they cost on average

A. That depends on the brand you are going in for. Generally, the more expensive ones are both more comfortable as well as give you additional features like background noise suppression, auto loud noise suppressor etc. Consult the best hearing aid providers in Singapore “The Hearing Centre” which has more than 16 years of working experience in providing hearing aids in Singapore. They can guide the correct requirements and the price of the hearing aid device.


Q. Where do I get a good hearing aid

A. Going to a good store near you that deals only with hearing aids cannot be the best idea as the nearby store cannot provide the. Unfortunately, this is not always possible as they are not very common. The next best option is to check on the different brands online to identify a good one, and then purchase it. You can even buy them online and as long as you go with a reputed brand, there’s absolutely no issues whatsoever.


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