How Commuters Choose the Best Electric Scooter

Let’s first talk about the pleasure of saying “scooter”. It just slips off the lug in a way that the “works bike” or “stuck in traffic” never will. The number of people commuting to work by scooter continues to increase due to affordability, convenience and the fun factor. If you are considering getting an electric scooter and avoiding traffic jams, consider the following factors!


Luckily, scooters save you money, especially compared to the cost of a car or bike. A car or a bicycle has maintenance costs that require maintenance over time. With proper maintenance, an electric scooter is low maintenance and durable enough to last for many years. Buying an electric scooter can also be cheaper if you regularly use public transport for your trips, as it is a one-time cost rather than a recurring expense. Consider these savings when deciding how much to invest in a commuter scooter.

The average cost of electric scooters is around $800. If you break it down by cost per day, you can see how little you spend getting to and from work five days a week. There are more expensive models that may include more features, but these don’t go over $1100. Again, maintenance costs fall within these budgets versus the ongoing costs of owning and maintaining an electric bike or car.

Alternative transportation has never been easier to own than it is today, so why not take advantage of it? You may already have a Front-drive Electric Scooter and felt how nimble it was to ride a scooter. Now is the time to invest in the real deal, which can even help your budget by not having to constantly pay for every ride through a ridesharing app or deal with high fuel bills, maintenance costs and unexpected outages.

There are cheap scooters and there are those that are just plain cheap, the main difference being that a cheaper scooter doesn’t have all the bells and whistles. A cheap scooter, on the other hand, is not worth it at all. Better to spend more and avoid the headache when a scooter constantly breaks down, doesn’t provide customer service, doesn’t offer a stable and safe ride, or fails to meet rider expectations.


For added versatility and comfort, choose a scooter based on the type of road you will be traveling on and make sure you know the local scooter laws. Most major cities now allow scooters, but not all roads are built for them. Either they are not cobbled smooth enough or they are too crowded where a driver would be in danger as there is no room in the road. In order to accommodate a variety of alternative modes of transportation, cities are working to create more bike lanes and scooter-sharing streets. Keep this in mind when considering where you will ride your scooter. You want a scooter that’s durable, reliable, and capable of handling a variety of terrains for a smooth ride wherever you go.

Distance and riding conditions are two important factors to consider when determining if a scooter or electric scooter is the best option for you. For longer distances, you may want an electric scooter for adults that is practical for traveling and faster. On the other hand, if you’re a few blocks from work but want to get around more efficiently, a scooter should be the way to go. Choose the model that suits your needs and the speed in km/h that you plan to use regularly. If you plan to travel longer distances, more than a few blocks, a larger battery-powered electric scooter (not a gas engine) might be a better option. However, if you primarily commute to work or around the neighborhood several times a week, the scooter seems like the soundest plan. Consider the following:

  • Round trips to and from work
  • traffic density
  • normal weather conditions

These are all important factors because investing in a scooter will allow you to use it all year round.

Fortunately, many electric scooters have a folding mechanism that makes them available for storage and seasonal use. They are also a good option if you use a combination of transport modes. If you live in a major city, take a train or bus, and are miles away from an actual office building, a scooter can help you get around without walking too far. This comes in handy when you want to save time in the morning or when you’re dealing with a lot of people.

Read the Reviews;

As with any product or service you purchase, reading reviews is important to deciding on the best scooter for you. If there are important factors in your decision, such as B. quality or durability, read what others have to say about those features. Choose a company that stands behind the quality of its products; Check out BLVD Scooters reviews. While not all experiences are created equal, reviews give you real rider perspectives and insight into whether a scooter is worth trying or riding.

Use it to check product warranty information for your scooter. BLVD Scooters Limited warranty covers defects in non-electrical products. There is also a 14-day return and refund policy if the scooter you choose is not the right one for you. It makes sense to tick all the boxes to get what you want. Check the company’s website and other vendors who may sell the scooters in the store. If possible, take a “test drive” and experience driving. Once you get used to the feeling, you’ll want to buy one right away.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s easier than ever to connect with customer service in a variety of ways. You don’t always have to call; Social media, on-site live chat boxes and open forums are available to discuss questions and concerns or provide general information. This can help you in your research to ensure you choose the best one for the duration and location of your trip.

Finally, check local laws to see if your city has bike and scooter-friendly policies. In this case, there is usually a local coalition or city office that can answer questions or advise on the types of attractions that have worked best for others, as well as the pros and cons of different styles or features to consider. , as well as the best passenger routes.


A scooter makes life easier for many people. Not only will it make your commute more enjoyable, especially since nobody likes being stuck in traffic, but it’s also a fun way to change up your routine. The environment is better to work with a scooter than a car. Some form of exercise every day is important, especially if you are sedentary. You’ll also save money every month that you can use for bigger purchases…like buying another scooter!

After comparing options side-by-side and doing your online research, it’s up to you to find your favorite scooter. There is a model and style for everyone. Ask yourself: What do you notice about the scooter and why? Anyone going back? If so, does it have features that others don’t? If you want to save fuel, go car-free, or do a bit for the environment, getting a commuter scooter is a great plan. And most importantly, it’s a lot of fun. Don’t be surprised if your work team wants to ride your scooter around the parking lot and become a scooter user.

Frequently asked questions about the BLVD COMMUTER SCOOTER

Isn’t that a Children’s Scooter?

Scooters (especially kick scooters) are widely associated with children’s games, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be used by adults, too. If you want one for your commute, a bright black color or limited features can make it feel like an oversized, “grown-up” scooter. On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with being a kid at heart. Find one that fits your personality. Today, people choose many ways to get to work, from roller skates and cruiser bikes to scooters. It doesn’t matter what you choose as long as it works for you. Familiarize yourself with local laws before driving.

Are BLVD Scooters designed to support an adult’s weight?

Yes, but you will need to confirm weight support when you start your scooter search. For example, the BLVD Cruze and BLVD Urbn have a recommended rider weight of 100kg but are tested at three weights to meet quality standards – this is a truly premium bike, perfect for any adult rider. There is a model made especially for you; Just do your research and read the product specifications to choose the product that suits your needs.

Is it Difficult to carry an Electric Scooter?

No! In fact, the BLVD Cruze weighs 11 kg, so it can be easily folded and transported to work on the bus, train or stairs. One of the highlights of the BLVD scooter is its light weight and ease of use. So you can temporarily have it under your desk or closet when you get to work; This is much easier compared to most bikes. Even if you live in a smaller area, scooters don’t take up space and you don’t have to pay for parking or bike storage. (See the benefits of a scooter over a bike.)

Should I get a scooter?

BLVD scooters are generally fully assembled and only take 10 minutes to assemble. All you have to do is select the color and style you want and have it shipped to your door. Easy death!


The good news for those traveling by scooter is that they have plenty to choose from. Whether you’re trying to stay on a budget or have questions, we have the answers. The BLVD range of Electric Scooters are the most popular means of transportation, making it easy to get around, exercise during the day and feel like a kid. They’re comfortable, relaxed, and have made a big comeback in recent years.

BLVD scooters fold up so you can take them anywhere. You don’t have to worry about what to do with your scooter, even if you decide to use a different mode of transportation on a given day. Just take it with you! Set up and ready when you need it. The lightness of the whole makes the scooter even more attractive. Isn’t that all? Looking for a less stressful and more enjoyable trip?

In addition to your budget, the choice depends on where you ride, how comfortable the scooter is compared to other alternatives, and how the reviews compare to the scooter you are considering. We know that after purchasing your first commuter scooter you will want to add more wheels to your collection. Check local laws before driving.

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