How to Draw Sally

Sally Drawing

How to Draw Sally. The Nightmare Before Christmas is an animated film that is still popular despite being almost 30 years old.

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It’s a dark but intriguing story with some unique and quirky characters that perfectly showcase author Tim Burton’s imagination.

One of the film’s main characters is Sally, who won many fans with her funny moves and unique design. Fans of this character may want to know how to draw Sally but need help knowing where to start.

How to Draw Sally

Step 1

This figure has a cool design inspired by the stitched design of Frankenstein’s monster.

These details can make learning to draw Sally difficult, but we’ll make it easy to show you that it can be easier than you think!

To start this guide, let’s draw the outlines of the face and hair. First, use a curved line to outline her face with a slightly pointed chin at the base.

Next, use curved lines close together and down her face for her slender neck.

Finally, some wavy lines outline her straight hair down her face. Add some line detail to the hair, and you are ready for step 2!

Step 2

For this next step in your drawing of Sally, we’ll start with the outline of the dress she’s wearing.

Her body appears stitched together, as we will draw soon, and her dress is not much fitter.

Most of her dress will have some soft, curvy lines, but there are also some jagged lines on the sleeves to make it look like it’s made from torn fabric.

The line for neckline is also drawn in a similar jagged style. You can leave some gaps in the right sleeve, but we’ll fill them in as we move on to the next few steps.

Step 3

In this third step of our guide on drawing Sally, we will draw her arms and some facial features.

First, let’s start with his face. He has large, round eyes characteristic of Tim Burton’s style.

These will have some large lashes coming off, along with some lines underneath.

Finish off his face by drawing a small nose and pout. His face looks normal now, but we’ll add some stitch details in the following steps.

To complete this third step, let’s draw his arms. The right arm is raised and fills in the gaps you left in the sleeve.

Step 4

The dress Sally is wearing is made from many pieces of fabric roughly sewn together. We’ll add the first sections for this part of your Sally drawing.

The first will go for the waist and feature circle shapes with some line detail. Therefore, the base of her dress will have a square pattern.

Finally, you can complete this step by drawing stripes on the right sleeve. Then you are ready for the final details in the next step!

Step 5

You are now ready to put the final touches and finishing touches in this step of our how-to-draw Sally guide! First, let’s draw the points we mentioned a couple of times.

Draw Sally

This will give her that Frankenstein doll looks that she is known for. Draw some curved lines along his body and face with smaller lines running down them, as shown in the reference image.

Then you can finally draw the final sections of her dress.

Before proceeding, you can also draw a background or add other movie characters! How will you complete your picture?

Step 6

This is the last step of your Sally drawing; we will complete the picture with some colors.

Sally Drawing

We’ve selected their classic film colors in our reference image, so you can copy them if you want their screen-accurate looks.

To do this, we used red for her hair and light green for her skin.

The different parts of her dress are dyed in bright contrasting colors to show further that they are made of many different fabrics sewn together.

Your Sally Drawing is Finished!

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