How to Get the Most Traffic From Bulklink?

Using Bulklink can be the ideal strategy to maximise the traffic to your website. It’s simple to set up and offers a fantastic opportunity to advertise your website. You can get started with only a few mouse clicks and a short form to fill out. It is a great option for any website that wants to attract as many traffic as possible because it is also extremely reasonably priced.


A great technique to open several links at once is to use several URL Opener tools. As many URLs as you’d like can be opened and then copied and pasted into your browser. This is a fantastic technique to send your clients the most links possible. Additionally, you can compress your information using a programme like GZIP. By doing this, you can shorten the time it takes for pages to load and use less data to transfer from your server to your browser. Using GZIP, you can reduce the size of your content by up to 85%.


Bulklink AJAX is a simple solution to boost the performance of your WordPress website. The fact that it is a free plugin is the finest part. A new box will appear in the center of your screen after it has been installed and activated. You can use this box to search for and choose the websites you want to include. Additionally, the help window will close. You can configure the box so that it displays the URL of your website, a search box, and a search-only button.

The primary goal of utilising a plugin like BulkLink AJAX is to increase your site’s speed. You can reduce the size of the data being communicated between your browser and the server by up to 280.3 kB by compressing it. Additionally, you can utilise the GZIP feature to compress browser data to up to 85% of its original size.

Time to live (TTL)

Your website’s performance can be enhanced by using Bulklink Time to live (TTL). By serving up current material, it enables your CDN to use less bandwidth and run servers more efficiently. Additionally, updating your TTL settings is simple and quick, making it simpler to manage the content on your website.

Internet Protocol packets contain an 8-bit value known as the TTL field. The datagram’s sender determines the value. Each router along the way to the destination subsequently reduces the field. This number might range from one to 255.

The TTL value is used to calculate the maximum lifespan of a datagram within the Internet infrastructure. The packet will be rejected if the TTL is not zero. A message using the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) is then sent back to the sender by the router in response.

Ping URL submission site

One of the simplest ways to index your website or blog and improve its visibility is to use a Ping URL submission platform. To inform search engines about the updates to your site, you can simply submit the URL of your website to a website like PingFarm, Pingler, or Feedburner.

The simplest technique to inform search engines about fresh blog posts or website material is to ping them. Search engine crawlers are notified of changes to your website by pinging websites like Pingler and Feedburner, which are free indexing services. Pinging many URLs simultaneously is also possible with software like WMTools. A headline checker, tool for creating meta tags, and keyword suggestion tool are also included.

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