How to Improve Your Bigcommerce Store

Because it offers so many features and functionalities, Bigcommerce has maintained its appeal among online enterprises. You’ll need Bigcommerce SEO services, website optimization, and other interesting strategies if you want to launch your own Bigcommerce website. These will make your site user-friendly and likely to result in sales. Here are some suggestions for enhancing your Bigcommerce websites.

Optimize Your SEO

Bigcommerce features a variety of pre-built SEO-optimized storefront templates, which is fantastic. You can do a lot more, though, to boost your SEO. This includes adding Google-optimized content, changing some on-site elements to make the site easier to navigate, and keeping an eye on statistics using Google Analytics. If you don’t know where to begin, check out Genius Ecommerce for sophisticated Bigcommerce SEO services that will increase online traffic to your website.

Utilize Videos

Bigcommerce stores frequently feature images. But videos are something that many people underuse. Videos can demonstrate your items in use, whether it’s a sentimental video to establish the tone or an instructive or educational movie to give viewers a better understanding of them. Even if they are only 30 to 60 seconds long, videos have been shown to increase conversions and can help retailers appear on Google’s main page.

Post-Purchase Tricks

Many people concentrate on store optimization that motivates customers to make purchases. However, there are occasions when marketing to clients who have already made purchases from your website is the most effective strategy. You have a 70% chance of converting existing consumers. Fortunately, Bigcommerce provides numerous features that can entice clients to come back:

  • Easy Upsell: This enables you to carry out A/B testing and develop buy-trigger upsells.
  • Klaviyo: Customers will be encouraged to make another purchase after receiving email marketing.
  • Native Upsell: By selecting which customers will see it, this function upsells in certain circumstances.

Product Reviews

Genuine client reviews are the only thing that increases the credibility of your items. It has been demonstrated that 92% of consumers read online evaluations, and 88% believe they are just as credible as personal recommendations. Allowing customers to submit public evaluations will undoubtedly raise discussion rates by 30%. Asking for comments in emails and on social media can promote more reviews.

User-Generated Content

Similar to reviews, product demonstrations or witnessing other customers’ genuine enthusiasm for the product might boost sales. Create social media campaigns and competitions to entice users to submit their images and videos. Shout-outs on social media have a big impact. On your website, use uplifting videos and other information. You will be more trusted if you have more authentic images and information.

Finding user-generated content:

  • Run competitions
  • Utilize tools for social networking like Snapwidget.

Put Effort into Emails

The sale of a product is just the beginning! Emails sent after a purchase can help foster loyalty. These emails ought to request a product evaluation, invite them to sign up for a loyalty programme, or simply express sincere gratitude. The email is better off being more genuine. Customers will respect you more if you demonstrate that you don’t just send out spam emails on autopilot. Another excellent incentive is to provide subscribers to your email list access to exclusive offers.

Optimize Checkout

Even customers who have something in their cart can leave if the checkout process is difficult. Reduce issues and make the procedure as seamless as you can. High shipping costs, a refusal to register an account, and a lengthy checkout process are a few common excuses given by customers for abandoning their carts. Making the checkout process quick and easy is the greatest approach to make it painless. As many payment alternatives as you can muster

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