How to Write a Record-Breaking Article?

With the continuous development of the Internet and the advent of the self-media era, writing is no longer a matter for writers. Everyone has the opportunity to build a personal brand through writing and earn a share of their income.

Different from traditional writing, self-media writing has its skills and routines. If you do not master the correct method, even if you put a lot of effort into the early stage, you may not be able to obtain  skills. In the age of self-media, the writing routines you need to master. People usually look for the sites that have Wikipedia article maker to write their articles but this will not help you in any way as a content writer because it will take away a chance of practice from you.


Hot topics, hot events, and such keywords often come with huge traffic, and the easiest way to get articles to read quickly is through hot spots. Hot spots have attracted the attention of countless people. If your article is well written, it will naturally be forwarded and spread by a large number of readers, which will bring a second wave of traffic.

The speed of chasing hot spots must be fast, and at the same time, the angle must be clever. A lot of news is time-sensitive, and the comparison at this time is who is faster than who. Don’t wait until almost everyone knows about it and has read it. If you write the same content again, the article will naturally not have much reading volume.

Write a title for the article

A good title can attract clicks. The content is hard to generate forwarding. When we browse information on the Internet, the first thing we see is the headlines. A good headline will have “magic”, and people can’t help but want to click on it. The title of the article preferably contains hot keywords; these keywords often contain very large traffic.

Usually, a database of keywords can be established, hot keywords can be accumulated and recorded, and most readers will click on keywords when they see them.

Build the structure of the article

A common blockbuster article structure is:

Good story + emotion + truth + golden sentence

There should be more subtitles in the article to facilitate users to read and tell it in the form of a story, to enhance the interest of readers, and reduce the burden of reading. In general, the number of words in the article should be between 1500-2500. If it is too long, it will appear verbose, and readers will not have the time and patience to read it. If it is too short, it will be unclear and the article will appear to have no connotation.

How to speak the truth?

When discussing, it is necessary to explain the profound things in simple terms, and the cases should be colorful. You can start with the stories of yourself or around you, then extend them to the situation of most people, and finally raise them to social phenomena, the psychological level, and the scientific level.

What you say should cater to the reader’s cognition and emotion. This is like talking to a beggar who can’t eat enough to talk about spiritual pursuits. It is meaningless. Your articles should be down-to-earth.

Secondly, some scientific research and theories can be added to the article to demonstrate and enhance persuasion, but it should be simple and clear, not too esoteric and obscure.

Learn to arouse your readers’ emotions

The expression should have a certain emotion, point of view, and contrast, and strengthen the tone and the appeal of the article. Learn to arouse your readers’ emotions so that your article will leave a lasting impression on readers’ minds.

Write a good beginning

The beginning should be engaging, preferably fun, dry, and questionable. Don’t give the benefits all at once, but learn to whet your appetite and attract readers to keep looking down.

Common skills at the beginning, such as: asking questions at the beginning, throwing out a scenario, and questions that readers often encounter. Or the opening sentence is amazing, subverts cognition, and goes against common sense. Contrasting and emotional openings are more likely to make readers want to continue reading.

How to end?

Use golden sentences more, and the ending should be thought-provoking and memorable. The end part should be thought about and revised more, because it may determine the reader’s overall impression of your article, whether to reward, like, share, and so on.

Cover images to catch the eye

The cover image of the article must be attractive, high-definition, contrasting, and colorful. Before reading, the title and cover image are the first things that appear in front of readers. A good image will bring a very high number of clicks.

Selected topics for articles

Many times, your topic selection determines whether your article will explode. As a writer, to continuously improve your insight, your topic selection must be in line with the needs and pain points of users.

Final Words

These were some of my suggestions as a content writer which can help you write a mind-blowing article for your website. Following these tips will help you a lot with writing.

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