Instagram Collab posts to boost engagement

What’s an Instagram Collab post?

The term “Instagram Collab” refers to an Instagram Collaboration post on Instagram is singular, created by coworkers Feed Post (also known as Reel), which is visible on two accounts simultaneously. The person who creates posts and then invites another person to join in. If they agree the post, its comments as well as shares, likes and comments are shared between both accounts.

Be aware that you are only allowed to have one other person (besides you) on every post. Also, Stories and Stories have not yet been added to this latest feature.

What are the ways that Instagram Collab posts benefit brands?

This Instagram feature has been embraced and quickly adopted by influential people as well as capital-C creators. Brands are entering the game and trying out the waters and it’s a good decision because sometimes what’s beneficial to the creator can be great for the brand too.

Increase your reach

Perhaps the most difficult of the hanging fruits is capitalizing on the growing reach of your account. If you feel like you’re constantly fighting your way through the Instagram algorithms, Collabs will help gain access to the feeds of users by following the accounts they’re already engaged with and following frequently.

Improve engagement

In the same way, more people discovering your blog posts means more chances for them to comment on or otherwise engage with your content. Even even if you and your Instagram partner have a similar target group of followers, the chances are pretty good that a substantial proportion of their followers will not be part of your normal group of followers. This is a bigger number of people that can engage with your content.

Gain more followers.

We all are aware that having the trust from someone you already have a relationship with, trust and like can be a huge help in making it easier to trust someone else. If you appear on feeds of people with that tamper-proof seal endorsement from the company or person they’re following, they’re more likely to visit your profile and click”follow. “follow” button than if you were just randomly appearing at the Explore page.

Sales increase via Instagram shopping

If your business already uses shoppable content so why not incorporate this feature to make it more sales-friendly with an Collab? By mixing Collabs together with Instagram shopping, you’ll be able to profit from these benefits and increase the chances of turning visitors to your page into customers.

How to co-create a to post on Instagram

There are two steps to making the Instagram Collab post up and running. The first is for the creator of the post to create their Post or Reel as they normally would, while the second is to invite their collaborator to share the post.

Step 1. Create an Feed Post or Reel in the same way you would normally.

Step 2. Include any additional details and customizations you’d like to add.

Step 3. Choose the Tag People from the post’s information menu.

Step 4. Step 4. Invite Collaborator in the drop-down menu.

Step 5. Use the search bar locate the person you wish to work with, then tap Done.

Step 6. Completely write the post before you click Share.

How do you take the terms of an Instagram Collab post

After the post has been made now is the time for the contributor to log into the post and accept the invitation.

Step 1. Visit your page for activities.

Step 2. Click on the invitation notification.

Step 3. Tap Review.

Step 4. Select Accept.

6 Instagram Ideas for Collab Posts for companies

The next thing that’s likely to cross your list is: what and when should I use the Instagram Collab? We’ve put together some suggestions and examples to help get you to get started.

Partnership with other brands

Have you established a great working relationship with a brand that is geared towards a similar market? This business could be an ideal candidate to form an Collab. Look at ways to promote the content of each other or having a sale jointly. Think about what kind of content your customers would enjoy and will find interesting. Create a strategy to create it and then share it with the other audiences.

Engage with Influencers

Influencers typically have a large number of engaged followers. Engaging with an influencer in order to create a series of Instagram Collab Posts may increase the buzz surrounding your business. Take advantage of their fanatical followers and profit from the credibility that comes with their name appearing in your posts or Reels.


Make sure to promote your other accounts

Many brands have multiple accounts for each platform. Perhaps you have one for the product you’re selling. Perhaps you have a CEO with a well-known personal account. A Instagram Collab Post lets you to share the identical content to your followers simultaneously. Additionally, if someone already following your account it’s likely they’ll be drawn to following other accounts as well.


Donate to a charity or a non-profit organization.

Brands must be in line with their values as shown by the data of The Sprout social Index(tm) which shows that companies’ alignment with people’s own values rose 74% in the period between 2021 and 2022. To increase engagement and build loyalty, as often as possible, brands should show values that customers value. A Instagram Collab allows you to show your values in action and raise awareness for the importance of a cause. Win-win.

New product launches

You can leverage the potential of two different audiences for your next event through collaboration with a brand or an influencer to advertise your latest product or service. Because of the same reasons like an everyday Instagram Collab Post, joining the forces of another account amplifies and increases the amount of effort you’re already putting into. It’s also a easy task to include an element of collaboration to content that is already being created.


Make a promotion of a giveaway or discount

A promotion that is a giveaway or discount could be benefited by the combined power on two different accounts. If the objective is conversion and engagement by having a double amount of followers can increase the reach the campaign.


Create Instagram Collabor Posts a component of your strategy for the future.

Collab Posts are a key aspect of the booming creator economy. Collaborations with other creators are becoming more important element in social media strategy meaning that brands must rethink the way they approach social media. If you’re in need of some help with that you can read this article which will help you develop an effective Instagram marketing plan that covers the entire gamut and prepares your brand for long-term growth and the success it deserves.

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