Is Dental Implant Procedure Safe For Kids?

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Imagine you’re at your kid’s basketball game and everything is going great. She has also scored a few baskets. Then the game suddenly turns when your daughter gets elbowed in the jaw. She is on the ground in pain. When you finally get a close look at her mouth, you discover that a tooth is missing.

Being little explorers, kids like to test their surroundings, climb up and down things, play rough, and get dirty. But during the process, they often go through accidents. Rough play or falls can cause their teeth to break or even fall out. In such scenarios, parents are very concerned about the solutions available for the problem and ensuring that their little one has a normal functioning tooth that doesn’t require a lot of care.

A knocked-out tooth can raise some serious questions such as if he/she is old enough to get a dental implant. The best clinics performing dental implants near you will advise getting implants only in selected clinical scenarios. If maintained well, implants can last for more than a couple of decades and replace the missing teeth in the most natural way. If you are searching for a clinic for dental implants near you, go through the below-mentioned suggestions before considering it for your child.

How safe is the dental implant procedure for your child?

The dental implant procedure is completely safe for adults. But when it comes to kids, the dentist will first check if their jaw has completely grown. While teenagers and older kids have their jaws fully developed, it is not the same in the case of smaller kids. An underdeveloped jawbone will lead the implants to shift out of place as your child grows. This can lead to extreme pain and crooked teeth, especially with permanent teeth coming into place.

So, the best option would be to take your child to a dental professional and let them examine their teeth. The dentist will provide the best solution for the issue which will suit the condition of their teeth as well as their age and growth. When it comes to fixing your kid’s smile, most dentists will offer a customized artificial tooth to fill in the gap, and once they get older, the idea of an implant can be revisited.

Alternatives to dental implants

Not many teenagers and pre-teens want to live with a missing tooth. If the dentist has recommended not to have a dental implant, kids can pursue alternatives while they wait to have a dental implant a few years from now. Below mentioned are some of those options.

  • Removable partial denture: This is a removable denture that has one or more artificial teeth attached to it as required. Wearing this will hide the fact that your child is missing a tooth.
  • Bridge: You can choose from a tooth-supported fixed bridge or a resin-bonded bridge. A fixed bridge needs the teeth adjacent to the gap to be ground down so a crown can be attached for supporting the bridge. On the other hand, a resin-bonded bridge is best if you need a temporary option for filling the gap, and will replace it with implants after a few years. These options typically look and function better than a removable denture.
  • Braces: If you were already planning of getting your child braces when her tooth was knocked out, you can still continue with your plans. An artificial tooth can be attached to an orthodontic wire for filling the gap, while the braces will correct the crooked teeth and bite problems.
  • Space maintainers: If your kid is younger when he or she has an accident and a baby tooth has been knocked out, it’s certain that a permanent tooth will grow in its place. But to ensure everything remains properly aligned until this happens, you can opt for a space maintainer for your kid. Removable as well as fixed space maintainers are available, depending on the situation and which tooth has been knocked out.

Wrapping Up

Whether it is a knocked-out, chipped or broken tooth, dental clinics providing dental implants in Gurgaon can help in providing a permanent solution to broken teeth, along with lowering the chances of infection, healing any pain, and ensuring that your child gets the best oral care to keep their teeth in the best condition in the long run.

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