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Kumon has been designated as one of the best after-school programs running worldwide for helping kids attain essential skills. Apart from teaching English and Math, Kumon also helps in making kids achieve holistic development. The Kumon instructors are the main pillars of this educational programme. Based on the techniques of the Kumon methodology, we aim to formulate the best and most customised learning program keeping the child’s academic needs in mind.

The main purpose of Kumon is to make children fall in love with education by channelising their efforts in the correct direction. Our main intention is to advance kids beyond school grade level through self-leaning methods. One of the most important features of Kumon education is that it provides kids with the opportunity for experiencing the joy of learning previously unexplored.

How Kumon helps academically?

Kumon helps kids to always stay ahead of other students in their grades. They are able to complete their schoolwork very quickly, which allows them more time to focus on other subjects and make good grades in all areas. Kids have more free time after school to participate in extracurricular activities and sports without having to worry about falling behind in school.

How Kumon helps outside of the classroom?

Kumon helps children to stay focused in life and achieve milestones in extracurricular activities as well. It also trains them to persevere through every obstacle and not give up. Kids can also apply the concept of daily practice and repetition that they learn from Kumon to different aspects of life.

How Kumon helps make your child an all-rounder?

The below mentioned are the ways that Kumon implements for making sure that kids are right on the path to becoming an all-rounder.

● Introducing them to new possibilities

A child is considered an all-rounder when he becomes an expert in doing multiple things. From academics to new hobbies such as painting, sketching, calligraphy and more, Kumon makes kids try out several things that help them keep their attention riveted and make them want to try and learn new things.

● Going easy on the pressure

Being one of the best early childhood education programs, Kumon never exerts too much pressure on the students for learning any activity or skill. We make sure to encourage them every time they try something new. Positive reinforcement helps children strive for more and not shy away from trying new things because of the fear of failure.

● Focusing on the art of self-learning

Kids who have succeeded in developing the art of self-learning become great problem solvers. It becomes way easier for them to adapt to new situations and learn faster than other people.
When inculcating self-learning habits in kids, we try not to become too involved in the learning process. We introduce new activities for kids and let them learn on their own under the guidance of our instructors. They might fail at times but will learn to become independent and resourceful learners at the same time.

● Paying attention to emotions

Just getting good grades on the school report card is not an indicator of the all-round development of a child. They may be getting the best grades in all subjects, but may not be enjoying the process of learning. Therefore, it is also important to pay attention to your kid’s emotions and help develop emotional intelligence.

Kumon engages children in various extracurricular activities. This helps them strike the mind-body balance and become better equipped at dealing with their emotions.

Maximise learning with integrative development

Kumon believes in maximising a kid’s ability. Only through this, they will realise their true potential. Learning ahead of their grade will not only help students with their academic abilities, but they also gain a clear understanding and progress in terms of their independence, enthusiasm, creativity and decision-making ability. Through the development of the ability to self-study ahead of their school grade level, Kumon aims to nurture self-confidence and a challenging spirit to pioneer their own life path, which is also known as the spirit of self-reliance.

Wrapping Up

All-rounder kids are smarter than their peers as they are confident in taking on new challenges and have the essential skills to do things better. Parents can also help them become all-rounders by letting them engage in several new activities.

Kumon is among the leading learning centres in India that promote self-learning and help your child become an all-rounder. With individualised instructions, kids become more active and smarter, physically as well as academically. Kumon helps them become great self-learning and self-improving individuals. For more information on Kumon, visit our website.

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