Marketing to the Right Audience to Grow Your Small Business

Small Business

Small businesses invariably have to tough it out. At least for the first few years, budgets are going to be tight, and revenues will likely be thin. Many small businesses may even find themselves in this challenging situation several years later when they struggle to acquire new customers. More often than not, these businesses fail to leverage digital marketing to drive their growth. Ideally, a business should work closely with a digital marketing agency that provides mobile advertising services to reach its growth targets. But it may still prove useful to have a few starting points when you create a digital marketing strategy for your business.

This blog explores certain things small business owners should know, particularly when it comes to targeting the right audience sets.

Understand Why Targeting the Right Audience Matters

Why is it so important to target a specific audience instead of a broad one? The same reason governs most marketing or business decisions: it is a more efficient use of resources. Marketing to a board or general audience can seem like a good idea in the conventional sense of getting your brand or product out there.

But when you think about it, you’re spending money in getting visibility to a huge audience. However, only a fraction of this broader audience is likely to buy (or even be interested in) your product. But with digital marketing, instead of an audience at large, you can focus most of your resources and efforts on an audience set that is most likely to convert into paying customers. By extension, each dollar your small business spends on marketing has a higher likelihood of delivering successful results. In other words, targeted marketing has a higher ROI than at-large marketing.

Define Your Initial Buyer Personas

Defining an audience set will be one of the initial milestones along the journey. Based on several variables like your business model, product, and price points, you need to define the kind of person or persons most likely to be interested. Give the persona a name, and define other relevant identifiers like age, gender, occupation, income level, location, and so forth. This persona represents the kind of people you want to target. As time goes on, you want to keep revisiting and refining this persona to stay on track.

Develop a Brand Tone that Resonates with your Audience

Once you have defined a buyer persona, you should start shaping your brand message in a way that is most likely to resonate with them. This could include the pain points your product or service solves for your potential buyers. It can also highlight what differentiates your product or service from the competition’s offerings. The message needs to align with your customer’s needs, capture their attention, and encourage them to explore more.

Leverage Segmentation Options on Social Media

Social media platforms are an extremely powerful channel, especially for small businesses. Given the billions of global social media users, the chances are good that your target audience already uses them. And many social media platforms offer segmentation options to advertisers, allowing for unprecedented ad targeting. It is important to be everywhere your buyers are, sp establishing a presence on all major platforms is a no-brainer. However, you should direct most of your marketing efforts on the platforms most popular with your target audience. This gives you a much better return on your spending. Luckily, social media platforms also offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to ad campaigns, budgets, and digital media buying.

Drive Traffic to Your Website From All Marketing Channels

If you are able to make direct sales on social media channels, good for you! Social media channels can offer significant revenue streams. But their main purpose should always be to drive traffic back to your website. Your business website is the centerpiece of your marketing strategy, and you want to funnel as much traffic to it as you can. Not only does this mean more revenue, but also a chance to improve your website rankings. This, in turn, increases the potential of acquiring organic customers who discover you on search engines without running an ad campaign. This can significantly improve the cost of acquiring each new customer.

Acquire Services from Digital Marketing Professionals

While a baseline understanding of driving more sales and growth is great, most business owners are unlikely to be digital marketing experts. Or even if they are, wearing a number of hats is pretty common in a small business, which results in many time constraints. It may prove far more efficient to partner with a digital marketing agency. You can start paying for results, instead of wasting precious resources trying to learn how to generate them yourself.

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