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Regardless of where you live in the world, it is never too late to catch up on the latest sports news. This is especially true in Vietnam, where there is a massive online community of sports fans and players that is constantly in the news.


Various sports news websites have been launched in Vietnam. These websites offer live reporting, prediction games and videos. They are an essential source of information for sports fans in Vietnam. In addition, they offer predictions for upcoming sports events.

Some websites focus on major sports events,

While others cover local leagues. YouSport is one of the leading sports news websites in Vietnam. It offers coverage of all sports, including basketball, volleyball, football and tennis. It also features a community of sports fans and provides ticket booking. YouSport is also an online football prediction game website. It has a mobile app, which you can download for free. YouSport also provides live scores and updates on the latest sporting events in Vietnam.

Another popular website in Vietnam is Xem the Thai

It offers a wide range of sports coverage, including casino trực tuyến international football tournaments and local soccer leagues. It has articles in both Vietnamese and English. It also features a video blog. It also offers betting games in Vietnamese and English.


Xem the Thai 789 is a sports news website that provides a wide range of sports news in Vietnamese and English. It is one of the most popular websites for Vietnamese sports fans. It offers articles on a variety of sports such as football, volleyball, tennis, and basketball.

The website also provides information on local sports leagues and international competitions. You can find a list of upcoming events in the calendar section. The website also offers video content, live scores, and predictions. You can also access the website through its mobile app.

The website is also well-known for its video blog. It features videos from various international competitions

The website also provides information on Vietnam’s national team, which is currently competing in the SEA Games in 2019. The site offers a schedule of international leagues and expert commentary.
Thao 247

Whether you are a Vietnamese sports fan or a sports fan from any other country, online sports news websites are a must-have resource for you. You will find many of these websites offering news and scores, live coverage of major sporting events and prediction games.

Thao 247 is an online sports news website

Vietnam that focuses on football and other sports. It provides news and live coverage of local soccer leagues, e-sports and other sporting events. It is also one of the most popular sites for Vietnamese sports news. It also features a schedule of upcoming events, live scores and a betting section.

Another online sports news website in Vietnam is Xem the Thai 789, which is a fast-growing sports website. The website offers a full range of football news, including live scores, live coverage of major football tournaments and prediction games. It also features videos and a betting section. It is also available in Vietnamese and English. It is a reliable source of news for Vietnamese football fans.

ESL Faceit Group (EFG)

Earlier this year, ESL and Faceit announced they would be merging to form the ESL FACEIT Group (EFG). The move was a reflection of the rise of competitive gaming.

The merger will create a global esports platform that will offer a full range of services, including an end-to-end solution for game publishers, advertisers, sponsors and esports organisations. It will also offer better competitive gaming rigs, infrastructure support and a bigger prize pool. It will also aim to deliver socially competitive gaming experiences.

ESL and FACEIT will retain their leadership teams in the new group

The two companies have combined over 30 years of experience in the industry. Its expertise includes the development of tools for competitive games, arena events and festival events. In addition, it also has experience in broadcasting esports ecosystems.

Viet Nam Student Basketball League (VSBL)

VSBL is a basketball league aimed at promoting sport among the capital’s student population. It will include teams from twenty-four high schools. casino trực tuyến Teams will compete in a home and away format. The top four teams advance to a semi-finals round. The best team will win a VND10 million prize, while the second-placed team will pocket VND5 million. The VSBL will kick off later this month.

Aside from the usual suspects, VSBL also welcomes foreign players. For example, there was a Vietnamese basketball player who was an understudy for an American player. He was a member of Nha Trang Dolphins.

There are many basketball competitions in Vietnam. Some are designed for amateurs while others are for professionals. A few examples are the Hanoi Basketball Cup and the Viet Nam Student Basketball League.

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