Organize Your Makeup Products Inside These Kinds of Boxes

Makeup Boxes

The makeup industry is very versatile containing products of numerous sorts. Some makeup brands sell organic products while others may serve pharmaceutical cosmetics. The primary packaging of many makeup brands seems similar with only a little difference. However, they distinguish their products from competitors with unique secondary packaging boxes. The colors, shapes, sizes, and prints of makeup packaging are crucial factors in differentiating different brands. One can configure boxes of makeup per their desires as custom packaging gives full control over choosing customization options. Printed makeup packaging is a great tool to give customers an explanation of your makeup products. It will give them a reason for choosing your makeup items. Here, we will discuss some styles of makeup packaging boxes in the course of the discussion.

Makeup Kraft Boxes of Cube Shapes

Cube boxes are the most popular packaging boxes in the makeup industry. One can get these boxes in two pieces or one piece per requirement. Makeup cube boxes made of Kraft materials come with many benefits. They are foldable which makes them occupy less storage space. The Kraft material is eco-friendly which you may already know. Besides that, one can color these boxes using CMYK and PMS color models per desire. The colors of Wholesale Makeup Boxes should reflect a positive image of your brand. Customers will not buy your products when the colors are dull even if you choose the most adorable color combination. Therefore, besides selecting perfect colors, also select a packaging company that can print the colors perfectly. These boxes are mostly used for:

  • Setting powder
  • Liquid foundation
  • Face powder
  • Moisturizer
  • Beauty soaps etc.

Rectangular Makeup Packaging Boxes

Different products require different packaging boxes therefore one needs to consider the configuration of makeup boxes. The large makeup tubes fit perfectly inside rectangular boxes. The length and width of rectangular makeup packaging must be per the dimensions of your products otherwise custom packaging would be of no use.

Makeup Boxes

The long makeup packaging boxes are easy to customize to hold different makeup items. These boxes can be seen on the shelves of professional makeup brands. The upper, as well as lower portion of rectangular boxes, assist customers in easily opening the packaging and looking at the inside products. One can use these boxes for:

  • Mascara
  • Eye cream
  • Long foundation tubes
  • Eye pencils
  • Eyeliner
  • Eye glitter
  • Concealer
  • Lipsticks

Cardboard Makeup Packaging with Inserts or Partitions

Some makeup items are very delicate yet expensive. The brand owners cannot compromise the safety of such makeup products. These makeup products are in glass makeup containers. During the transit, they can collide with each other or with the walls of packaging. It can break glass containers. Other than that, continuous shaking can open the lid of the foundation, perfumes, or cream.

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Thus, the products will leak and lose their worth. Thus, to avoid such chaos, one can get wholesale makeup boxes containing inserts to keep holding the products in place. But, inserts or partitions must be per the shapes and size of products otherwise the products are still unsafe inside the inserts. Plus, one can prefer rigid inserts for heavy makeup items. Some sensitive makeup items are:

  • Bath bombs
  • Scents
  • Lotions
  • Makeup primer
  • All the glass makeup bottles

Makeup Window Boxes- Shortcut to Success?

Window boxes can elevate or deviate your makeup business. We are saying this because if the primary packaging is not of unique styles the window boxes are worthless. You need to follow wise steps to get advantages from makeup window boxes.

Makeup Boxes

For example, if you design perfect primary packaging and then design the secondary makeup packaging accordingly, the window packaging will give a boost to your business. Furthermore, if you want minimalist wholesale makeup boxes, cut a window pane to give customers a view of inside products without giving any explanation. In fact, many professional cosmetics, as well as makeup brands, use window packaging boxes to show off their high-quality items.

Makeup Mailer Boxes

Online makeup brands use mailer boxes to ship makeup items to far places. Makeup mailer boxes are available in unique styles to serve the packaging needs. These boxes are tightly sealed to ensure safe product delivery. One can add images, graphics, and other visual elements to give customers a delightful unboxing experience. These are also foldable which makes them the preference of many beauty brands. Plus, they are recyclable so they add no packaging waste to the environment. The customers will share snaps of your eye-captivating mailer packaging on social media and shift makeup lovers to your brand.

Luxurious Makeup Packaging Boxes

Makeup products increase beauty therefore they deserve packaging that looks attractive. Sustainable paper materials are customizable into any color and design. One can give a luxurious touch to wholesale makeup boxes using customization options. The embossing and debossing techniques highlight the details on the packaging.

For example, the embossed or debossed brand logo looks classy on makeup packaging. Besides that, gold or silver foiling will give a metallic touch to the packaging of makeup items. The metallic gold details enhance the outlook of fragrance packaging boxes. Last but not least, the coatings will make the prints and colors of Custom Packaging Boxes look more vibrant and exciting. The glossy coating will give shiny makeup packaging and the matte coating gives satin makeup packaging boxes. Brands can also select between flat or 3D makeup packaging per choice.

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