Reason for rejection of Indian passport


If you’ve recently apply to obtain an Indian visa but been rejected, there are various reasons you could be rejected. There could be a lack of one or more of the documents required. If that happens, then you must ensure that you include them in your request.

If you’re unsure about the documents you must submit, you should get in touch with the Indian consulate or embassy in your country. Also, make sure that all areas of your application have been completed. If you want any legal document for pass port here apostille services in India you will get all apostilled document for any country. If you’ve left one of these areas unfilled areas, your application is likely to be denied.

There is a mismatch between the information you provide on the application form and the information on your passport

An incorrect name or other data can be display on a passport application. While you shouldn’t be punished for this, correcting any typographical errors you see within the document is important. For instance, you must be sure that the name you put on your passport application is the same as the name on your TDIS/ACS or any other documents that prove your citizenship.

Not providing the full name

If you are applying for an Indian visa, it is vital to provide all relevant details in your passport. Incorrect information could cause an application to get reject. This article will discuss some errors that could make your application rejected.

Incomplete E-Business Visa requirement

If you’re planning on traveling to Ireland to conduct business purposes, you must be prepare with the proper documents. An e-Business Visa requires you to supply your business card, website address, address for your business, and phone number. Also, you must provide a recent front-facing photo and a page from your passport that contains your details. Other documents are usually need base on the kind of e-Visa you’re apply for. If you’re not sure what you’ll need, you can contact your Visa Unit to request more details.

Business visas for Ireland permit you to remain within the nation for up to 14 days. If you want to stay longer or work at different times, you’ll need to obtain an employment visa. In any case, you’ll need to bring all the relevant documents related to employment, including employment letters and contracts.

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Not including the required documents

One of the most common reasons for the Indian visa being reject is that it does not include all the required documents. The information on your passport should match the information on the visa. It is not recommend to include documents that do not prove your identity. Make sure you have all the required documents and fill in every field on your visa. This will facilitate the process and prevent any rejections.

If you hold the passport of or are an Irish resident, you may apply for a visa for business in India. The visa lasts for one year and permits visitors to enter India twice. It is also possible to remain in India for 180 days in succession. To get the Indian Visa for business, you must give your passport number and bio page in PDF format. The documents must not be greater than ten bytes in size. 

The inability to supply the necessary documents could also lead to the Indian visa being denied. The most frequent reasons are false travel documents or the poor condition of the passport. It is important to ensure that you have all the required documents and give complete information regarding your insurance.

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