3 Methods to Recover a Delete PPT File on Mac

recover deleted PPT file

PowerPoint is a vastly used program for creating presentations for professional and academic purposes. Users frequently have to deliver their finished work to an audience on a predetermined day after investing a lot of time in designing and arranging the presentation. Thus, to make sure it goes well, create a backup of your file, have a stable connection like Spectrum WiFi or any other network, and do a test run to check if the slideshow runs smoothly.

It can be very frustrating to lose a PowerPoint file that is not saved or accidentally delete one on a Mac. Such a problem could arise for a variety of reasons, and nobody is safe from it. The good news, however, is that the PowerPoint presentation might be recoverable if you act fast enough.

Recovering a Deleted PPT File

The below-mentioned techniques could be of help to recover the presentation if you mistakenly lost or deleted it after saving your PowerPoint file.

Trash Folder

The Trash folder on your Mac is a unique container that stores deleted objects temporarily so they may be easily and quickly recovered. You should always start there if you need to find a certain lost file. If your deleted file has been moved to the trash folder, just follow these easy steps to recover it.

  1. Click on the Trash icon to open the folder.
  2. Find the PPT file you wish to recover by searching the folder.
  3. To restore an object to its initial location, click right on it and choose the option to Put-Back.

Backup Through Time Machine

You should definitely consider utilizing the macOS Time Machine tool for the recovery and backup of your important data. You can recover a lost PPT file through your backed-up media by following the steps below.

  1. Connect your Mac or MacBook to the storage drive containing the backup files in Time Machine.
  2. After opening the folder where the deleted PowerPoint file was located, open a Finder tab.
  3. Click the clock icon on the Menu bar so you can launch Time Machine.
  4. To find the PowerPoint file you wish to restore, use on-screen arrows in order to navigate among the backups.
  5. By hitting the Space Bar, you can select an object you wish to preview and restore it if you like.
  6. To return the selected object to its initial location, click the Restore button.

Recovery Software

PowerPoint files that have been deleted and are not in the Trash anymore can be recovered by a software for data recovery. Given the amount of time that might have passed after the item was deleted, the Trash may have been manually emptied or the file may have rolled off. When a file is deleted by macOS, specialized data recovery software fixes the logical links it broke, restoring access to the presentation for your apps and you.

Make sure you do not overwrite the original file with the new information as otherwise, software for data recovery won’t function. To prevent writing over the original file, you should stop utilizing the storage device that held the PowerPoint file until the recovery is finished.

There are numerous macOS data recovery programs available that offer different features and functionality. However, an excellent recovery tool should exhibit the following qualities:

  • An easy-to-use user interface that is intuitive and user-friendly.
  • A basic recovery process that does not require expertise in data recovery.
  • The capacity to successfully recover the kind of deleted file.
  • A cost-effective price.


Accidental deletion of PowerPoint or any type of file can occur at any time. Thanks to the advances in technology, there are now a number of different ways to recover it without worrying. You should be able to recover an unsaved, deleted, or lost PowerPoint file on your Mac using the methods mentioned above. The most important thing is to take early action and stop using the compromised device till the recovery is complete.

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