Revature Assists a Variety of Candidates in Learning Coding


The digital world is powered by code.  Every smartphone app, website, computer programme, and even appliances like a microwave depends on code to operate.  As a result, coders can be considered to be the builders and architects of the contemporary, digital age.  Code is virtually everywhere in the modern world, and hence there is an expansive market present for coders across industries.  These industries range from healthcare, computing, and manufacturing to automotive and gaming.  Interested candidates can easily learn coding through programs offered by popular tech consulting firms like Revature.

Revature conducts valuable programs for candidates interested in learning to code

Coding can be learned in a variety of ways, depending on the approach and preferences of each person.  One must map their individual learning path based on their distinctive strengths.  Certain coders simply decide to teach themselves.  Being able to learn and progress at one’s own pace is among the key benefits of doing so.  Moreover, being a self-learner requires quite a little financial investment.  After all, there are bountiful of resources about coding available on the internet.  However, self-learning is not for everyone, especially for someone who lacks motivation or discipline.  Furthermore, their learning would be limited to what is available online.  Self-learners will not get valuable guidance from industry professionals and experienced trainers who can provide important expertise and guide them throughout the journey.  Hence, for many, opting for a more guided and professional approach to learning to code will be a smart option.

There are more than seven hundred programming languages.  Identifying the ideal domain to focus on can be confusing for people new to coding.  Such individuals can significantly benefit from checking out a variety of technology training programs designed to place candidates on a learning path to highly in-demand programming skills.

Bootcamps are quite a popular path for coding learning.  Most of these camps teach a particular coding language in a couple of weeks.  While these camps are intensive in nature and are completed within a short time, they are likely to involve considerable financial investment.  The depth of skills taught at these camps is also limited.  Bootcamps usually do not provide any kind of ongoing support or an opportunity to be placed at a company.  Hence, it is smarter to seek training from consulting companies like Revature instead.  Much like a bootcamp, this company also offers training programs for a short period, but with many added advantages.  First of all, their associates are paid while training, which is a major plus point.  Secondly, after an associate completes their training, they are interviewed by a client of the consulting firm for job placement with a competitive salary.  This consulting firm offers ongoing support and training to the associate till they are placed.

Unlike many of their competitors, Revature does not impose heavy penalties or lengthy commitment bonds, in case a candidate decides to exit a programme early.  In fact, they go the extra mile, and work with the candidates for their ongoing career development.  They truly care about the success and achievements of every candidate.

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