Should you buy 5G phones in 2022? Is it worth buying?

5G phones

We are very close to having a 5G network soon in India. In the meantime, the mobile phone brands have also started launching their 5G phones. Some renowned brands that have already established a secure market with their 5G phones are Redmi, OnePlus, Oppo and few others. Let us see if it’s worth it to buy a 5G phone. 

5G phones are all over the market now. They come at very handy prices. They have exceptional features and great quality. If you are thinking of a gift for your precious family or relatives, you can check out these 5G mobiles in the market. Along with being 5G, they have certain other great features as well. Let’s talk about them. 

Extensive RAM and ROM5G phones offer 6GB RAM and 128 GB storage for very affordable prices. This extensive RAM allows you to do multiple tasks at one time and efficiently. On the other hand, the 128 GB RAM, further extendable to 512 GB, ensures that you do not run out of space very quickly.

G80 Gaming Processor – These phones are equipped with a G80 gaming processor, ensuring that you have an amazing experience while gaming. If you are giving the phone to any youngster, they will be more than overjoyed with such a phone. 

Battery –  Battery backup is a very important feature of a mobile. The mobiles come with at least a 5000 mAh battery that helps you to retain your charge for the longest time. Not only that, but along with it, the phone also offers 18w fast charging technology. It doesn’t stop here; it even offers reverse charging. So now you can charge your phone easily in a very short period and not need to worry about the battery draining fast.

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AI triple Macro Camera – Of course, we all know how everyone is after good selfies these days. The 5G mobiles are not an exception. They have an excellent quality Triple AI camera and a super macro camera that discovers the tiny and exciting world for you and captures them magnificently. 

Screen size – In recent days, the minimum screen size has become 6.4 inches. Most phones come with a 6.51-inch screen that supports all the latest cell technology and gives you an incredible experience of gaming and watching your favourite content on Netflix or Amazon Prime. There are also 5G phones which have bigger screens. You can choose a phone depending on your use. 

Ultra gaming mode – The ultra gaming mode assures that all the distracting alerts and incoming calls are removed while gaming so that you are not distracted. So if you are a dedicated gamer, this phone is just for you.

Fingerprint and face lock sensor – The phones have both a fingerprint sensor and face lock technology that provides you with a very secure phone when it is not with you. The fingerprint sensors are really helpful to switch on the phone during the dark, and for daylight, you have face lock security. These securities keep your phone password safe from others. 

These are the benefits of having a 5G mobile. The phones come in different prices and models. Along with the already stated reasons, they also have their every exclusive speciality. The OnePlus mobile phone is doing great as a 5G phone. The 5G network is not very far from being a reality. If you have a phone in hand which supports the network, you are already ahead of the current updates. 

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