SMD Screen A few Advantages You Should Be Aware in 2023

A image of SMD Screen

UNIT MAGIC500 Front Assistance Rental Drove Show embraces three-in-one SMD Screen bundling innovation. As an exemplary rental presentation, its great exhibition and brilliant picture impacts have brought numerous clients a decent encounter. So then, let us study this item together!

What is SMD?

SMD Screen is the contraction of Surface Mounted Gadgets, one of the SMT (Surface Mount Innovation) parts.

Numerous makers sent off such items a long time back, and surface-mount bundled LEDs (SMD LEDs) have slowly been on the lookout and acquired a specific portion of the overall industry. The shift from pin-type bundles to SMD is the general advancement pattern of the whole gadgets industry.

The bundling innovation is to embody the Drove light-radiating chip in the section to shape light dabs (SMD surface mount) and afterward glue it on the PCB board through the patch. Next, put the surface mount and PCB board into a high-temperature stove for sintering and relieving (reflow patching), and weld the Drove leads through a binding tension cycle. Finally, the module is grafted into the unit after holding the section with epoxy gum to frame the showcase module.

The center material of the SMD interaction

  • Support: Conductive help and intensity scattering.
  • Driven chip: The chip is the top part material of the Drove light and is a light-producing semiconductor material.
  • Conductive circuit: Cushion chip association (Cushion) and section can be pivoted.
  • Epoxy tar: It safeguards the inside construction of the light dots and can marginally change the light dabs’ variety, brilliance, and point.

Three-in-one SMD innovation

Three-in-one is a driven show of SMD innovation. It alludes to the SMT light exemplified with red, yellow, and blue Drove contributes RGB bundled in a similar gel at a specific stretch. UNIT MAGIC500 Front Assistance Rental Drove Show embraces three-in-one SMD bundling innovation. The Drove show screen embracing this innovation has a more significant survey point of the entire screen. The outer layer of the presentation screen can be treated with diffuse light reflection, and the picture impact introduced is incredible. The image needs to be granular, and the variety consistency is excellent.

Regarding variety handling, it is simpler to involve the three-in-one SMD innovation to isolate light and variety. The immersion of the array is likewise generally high. Since the three-in-one proposes the whole presentation to produce light, the general tone is more uniform. Combined with the element that it is simpler to control the general levelness of the screen, this innovation has forever been the standard innovation utilized in top-quality Drove shows.

SMD screen Fantastic assembling process

UNIT MAGIC500 Front Assistance Rental Drove Show impeccably consolidates the center innovation and the delightful appearance. These phenomenal plans show their unique appeal: super dainty body, detachable back cover, and excellent bureau plan. There are four corner defenders at the sides of each show screen. They can keep the Drove chips from being harmed because of the outer effect.

Super light and super slight plan

This open-air rental drove show embraces a 500*500mm standard box size, and the body utilizes super light bite dust cast aluminum, which is super soft. The thickness of MAGIC500 is just 80mm. The weight, consistency, and size are helpful for transportation and movability. This plan is valid for saving transportation costs.

High waterproof level

As an open-air Drove show, waterproofing worries both producer and client. Therefore, the outer layer of the MAGIC500 outside Rental Drove Show module takes on a novel sticking interaction, which can arrive at an IP68 waterproof level and keep the module from entering the water and being clammy. As well as waterproofing, it can likewise successfully safeguard the inside Drove chip from most strong articles. An attempt to guarantee the well-being of the interior chip, from one viewpoint, is added to augment the help life of the showcase screen.

Wonderful Drove bureau plan

Fantastic items come from the originator’s inside and out of control of subtleties. From the bureau handle and bureau fixed opening to the quick lock, the plan of these little subtleties adjusts to the style and modern ideas. Furnished with a magnet adsorption module, a module establishment handle, and a detachable power supply box, it makes the establishment and support of the showcase extremely helpful, SMD Screen.

The whole bureau embraces a front and back double plan, and the driven screen takes on an attractive board, which is helpful for establishment. The back cover is additionally separable. With the security of a twofold fixed elastic ring, there is a compelling reason to stress over the water entrance.

High-accuracy circular segment lock

The high-accuracy circular segment lock plan (- 10° to +10°) tackles the issue that the curve lock was challenging to use. The pivot control is more exact and straightforward, and the bend can be changed rapidly. Everything looks great in gathering the general circular segment establishment necessities.

Excellent insurance highlights

Notwithstanding the insurance plan of the drove board, this item additionally considers the requirement for impact evasion of the module body. There are corner monitors on the four corners of the bureau to keep the Drove from being harmed, screen. This plan guarantees more secure transportation and establishment. In the genuine gathering and activity process, the separable collapsing configuration is relatively easy to utilize.

Maturing test

The maturing trial of our items endures something like 24 hours to guarantee the steadiness of the Drove screen. In addition, we have proficient analyzers and standard studios and stringently carry out the definitive maturing test determinations to ensure that the items can show fantastic outcomes under long-haul working circumstances.

Item portrayal

The MAGIC500 series rental full-variety Drove show has a sum of 4 items. Its details are between open-air fixed Drove presentations and little pitch Drove shows. The pixel pitch particulars are P2.604, P2.976, P3.91, and P4.81. The initial two models are principally utilized inside, and the last two can be used inside or outside.


The full-variety rental Drove show is generally utilized. You can track it down on the accompanying events, for example, stage shows. Design shows, transitory publicizing efforts, new item dispatches, etc. There are four MAGIC500 series items to look over, and there is a compelling reason need to recognize indoor or open-air rigorously. You have to decide the surmised seeing distance as indicated by the use of the event, and afterward pick the suitable rental Drove show. Send us a message to find out about this substantial Drove screen!

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