The Best Lift Company in Gurgaon

best lift company in gurgaon

Whether you are looking to buy an elevator in Gurgaon, you may find it helpful to consider some of the most reputable companies in the region. This way, you can be sure that you are purchasing the best equipment available.

Thyssen Krupp

Located in Gurgaon, Haryana, this elevator in a box is a notch above the rest. The Thyssen Krupp company is a family of companies that has been operating in the elevators and elevator related space since 1932. The company is made up of roughly 200 employees, of which around 30 make their home in Gurgaon. The plant is capable of producing approximately 6,000 elevators per year at its current installed capacity, making it the largest single-site elevator plant in the country.

The name of the company, TK Elevator isn’t a name that you may be familiar with. The company is a subsidiary of the German conglomerate Schindler Group. A little over 18 months in the making, the Thyssen Krupp company has already completed the first elevator manufacturing plant in India. The company plans to expand its workforce by more than a third to 350, and relocate some of its existing staff from its current home in Delhi and Bhiwandi. The company’s foray into the elevators and elevator related space has already made a dent in the local economy.

Bidyut Elevators

Several lift companies have emerged in India due to increasing demand. Elevators are one of the fastest ways to move around in high-rise buildings. They offer safe and convenient transport for people. They can also increase the value of a building. A home elevator can also increase the security of a family’s valuables.

The most popular lift companies in India are the ones that have an established presence in India. These companies provide lifts of all kinds. They manufacture residential and commercial elevators, and offer design and installation services. These companies use the latest technology to manufacture their products.

The Elevator Manufacturers of India have products designed to suit Indian climate and practices. They offer affordable and efficient lifts. They have a team of experienced engineers and technicians. These companies are also aware of cultural differences.

One of the most popular lift companies in India is the Otis Elevator Company. The company has been in business for over 160 years. It has installed its products in iconic mega structures. The company has design and repair services as well.

Otis Elevator Company

Founded in 1853, Otis Worldwide Corporation is a global leader in elevators, escalators, and related equipment. Otis also manufactures freight and residential lifts. The company has over 66,000 employees in 200 countries.

With a vast range of products, Otis can fulfill your transportation needs in any mega structure. Its product line includes vertical escalators, moving walkways, residential elevators, freight elevators, and vertical passenger elevators. Its elevators are known worldwide for their safety, efficiency, aesthetics, and sustainability.

The company’s products are made to fit the Indian lifestyle, climate, and practices. The company also offers installation, maintenance, and repair services.

It is a high-tech company with a team of experienced lift technicians. It also has branches in Gurgaon, Haryana, and Mumbai, India. It is one of the top elevator companies in India.

In addition to its product range, Hitachi also offers the most affordable lift prices in the country. The company also has a high-tech team of engineers. The company has also been operating in India since 1950.

The company also offers a variety of products, including the Otis Hovair horizontal automated people-mover system. This type of elevator is known for its no-hands access, which allows for a cleaner, safer environment.

Schindler Elevators

Among the top elevator companies in India, Schindler is one of the most renowned ones. Schindler is a subsidiary of the Schindler group in Switzerland and is known for its authentic and standardized products. Its elevators are widely spread all over the world.

Schindler elevator is a reliable and user-friendly product. Its technicians are well-versed with the latest technological advancements in the field of escalators and moving walks. Their engineers can also upgrade old equipment to make them functional.

Besides elevators, the Schindler group also manufactures moving walk ways. They also offer warehouse automation systems and airport baggage handling. Their products can be customized according to the requirements of architects.

Schindler has a network of 66,000 employees all over the world. Its employees report flexible working hours and job training. Among other benefits, they receive health insurance, job training, free transport and more.

Schindler elevators can be easily installed and maintained. They offer a selection of standard features and finishes. They can also design customized elevators for specific buildings. They have a 24-hour call center for customers.

Schneider Elevator

Among the top elevator companies in India, Schneider Elevator is a well-known name. Its history dates back to the year 1921. It has been credited for introducing many new technologies in the field of elevators and escalators.

The company’s product portfolio includes escalators, moving walkways, freight elevators, and elevators for commercial buildings. Moreover, it has an impressive customer service network across India.

The company has been successful in delivering its elevator products for many commercial projects. Its elevators are known for their top-notch quality.

The company has also been able to secure a good reputation for its installation work. Its team of engineers and technicians is highly trained to perform high-tech installation work. It also provides excellent maintenance services.

The company’s products range from elevators to escalators and hydraulic lifts. It also offers a variety of other products including car elevators, traction lifts, and boarding bridges.

The company’s product portfolio includes electric lifts, car elevators, capsule elevators, and elevators for high-rise buildings. It also provides elevator installation and maintenance services.

In addition to its high-quality products and services, the company has a dedicated 24-hour call center. The company also has an extensive network of sales offices across India.

Rachna Elevator & Cranes

Among the multitude of movers and shakers, Rachna Elevator & Cranes stands out as one of the more credible players in the aforementioned enclave. The company has a well-appointed production facility, house transportation department and adequate technical equipment to meet your needs. In fact, the company was recently awarded the award for the best elevators in the country. Its product line is diverse and includes a myriad of elevators, escalators and gizmos to meet your every need.

While most elevator companies focus on putting out one or two passenger elevators, the company is no stranger to the goods lift. In fact, Rachna has been credited for being the first company to manufacture only freight elevators in India. The company even made its name in the automobiles industry, with the lion’s share of its revenues coming from automotive components. Among its products, the company is best known for the aforementioned goods lifts and its aforementioned EOT cranes. Its list of notable customers includes Mercedes Benz, BMW and Volkswagen.

With a brisk business plan and a customer-friendly staff, Rachna Elevator carries a swagger and is a name you can trust.

Mitsubishi Electrics

Founded in 1921 in Tokyo, Japan, Mitsubishi Electric is one of the largest manufacturers of architectural equipment, elevators, and moving walks. It also develops and manufactures electronics, and is one of the leading manufacturers of home elevators.

One of the most interesting aspects of the company is its efforts in the service sector, whereby it offers maintenance and installation services. It has a network of branches in Gurgaon and Haryana. In addition to this, it boasts of a range of products, and aims to provide a streamlined mechanism for servicing India’s elevator needs.

One of the most acclaimed is the Beacon elevator, which boasts of a network that spans across India’s leading metros. This company is also known for its capsule elevators, which are known to offer convenience and comfort to passengers. The company also offers top-notch maintenance services and integrated installation and customer support.

Other than this, Mitsubishi Electric is also known for its record-breaking elevators. It holds the record for being the fastest elevator in the world. Another interesting tidbit is that the company holds the record for being the tallest elevator in the world.

Beacon Elevator Company Private Ltd.

Founded on 19 April 1994, Beacon Elevator Company Private Limited is a Private Limited Company registered at Registrar of Companies, Delhi. The company is involved in Business Activity Class / Subclass Code 74899 and registered office is located at B-38D, SIDHARTHA EXTENSION, New Delhi, Delhi, India.

Beacon Elevator Company Private Limited has established itself as a reputed company in the market. The company’s main focus is to provide products and services that are highly functional and affordable. The company’s competitive price, maintenance and customer service are factors that have helped them establish a strong foothold in the international market.

In the year 2015-16, the company produced Rs 550 crore in net profit. The company has 60 percent market share in the Indian elevator market. The company is expected to increase its market share to 35-40 percent by 2021-22.

The company has dedicated staff who are technically qualified and have a deep understanding of the elevator industry. They provide personalized service and installation team. The company is a leading vertical motion technology company that enables its utility customers to improve performance and lower environmental impact.

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