Things You Must Never Do in the USA as an International Student

International Student

The USA is a perfect destination for youngsters looking for higher education as the country has some eminent universities with worldwide recognition. Every year, millions of candidates apply to universities in the USA. And a vast throng of youngsters approaches the country to pursue higher education. But you will find it quite disheartening that many candidates after doing so much effort to complete their studies get deported back to their home countries. Because of their negligence towards the rules prevalent in the USA.

Believe us that the US authorities are rigorous when it comes to the safety of the people and maintaining rules and regulations. Even doing something illegal without being familiar with the prevalence of the rules or regulations can invite the police. If they found you guilty then, the police won’t delay to take the necessary action. Therefore, every candidate studying in the USA must have an acquaintance with the rules and regulations prevalent in the USA. well, this article will provide you with meticulous details of some important rules prevalent in the USA.

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Go Through the Following Pointers to Know the Things That You Must Never Do in the USA as an International Student:

Drink and Drive 

You must have a basic knowledge of some rules concerning driving vehicles in your home country. But in other countries, especially the USA, where authorities take very strict when it comes to maintaining driving rules, rules regarding driving could be stringent. To your surprise, in the USA, if you are just 16+ then, you are eligible to get your driving license. But the US authorities have specified a limit on blood alcohol concentration (BAC) to avoid damaging or unfavorable situations. If you cross this limit while driving then, you can see yourself behind bars within the next few hours.

Smoking Anywhere

With the intention to maintain the right of breathing clean air, the US authorities have made special efforts. To curb this problem profoundly, the authorities have strictly prohibited people from smoking in public places and workplaces. Even in a county like India, the government is working hard to restrain people from smoking in public places or workplaces.  But the US authorities have a stringent attitude to tackling the problem of smoking in workplaces and public places. Therefore, avoid smoking in public or specified areas. Otherwise, get ready to find yourself in the midst of legal proceedings.

Jokes on Race and Gender

Please avoid being part of groups of people who crack jokes about race, gender, sexuality, color, or weight. Because this will hurt the sentiments of the people living with you and will spoil your relations with them as well. Or even a minor joke on race, gender, sexuality, color, or weight can make you face legal proceedings against you. Therefore, avoid cracking jokes about such sensitive issues, no matter where you are living as an international student.

Staring at Woman

There is no denying the fact that the authorities in India are taking strict measures to curb the offense against women. But in the USA, merely staring at women and making them uncomfortable can deport the offenders back to their home country. Thus, never flirt with women without their consent, no matter where you are living. Also, don’t become a part of a group of people who are disrespectful toward women. Making women uncomfortable with such disgusting things can make you face legal proceedings, Be very alert and don’t stalk anyone while you stay in the USA as stalking is also a crime in the USA.

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We are pretty sure that you will abide by all the rules and regulations prevalent in the USA. Also, know that Marijuana which is legal to consume in many parts of India is strictly prohibited in the USA. Therefore, keep yourself at a distance from this plant during your stay in the USA.

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