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Good girl perfume was launched in 2016 by the design house of Carolina Herrera. The fragrance has a base note of tonka bean – a naturally sweet nutty vanilla scent. To achieve a balanced finish, the perfume has layers of tuberose and jasmine blended with gourmand elements like cocoa, almond and coffee giving it a sensual feel.

Good girl was launched in 2016 by the design house of Carolina Herrera

Good Girl was launched in 2016 by the design house of Carolina Herrera. It’s a perfume with a floral, powdery, and oriental fragrance. The top notes include mandarin, peach and bergamot; middle notes are jasmine, rose and violet; base notes include tonka bean.

Good girl perfume is described as having an “intense” fragrance with “freshness.” It’s meant to be worn on days when you want to feel feminine but also want to look like you have confidence without being overbearing about it.

Tonka bean is a natural ingredient that is used as a base note. It’s a sweet vanilla scent with a nutty undertone and can be found in many perfumes. The tonka bean creates the ‘creamy’ aspect of this perfume, so it’s important to note that it should be balanced out by other notes such as jasmine and rosewood.

Tonka beans are also known to have anti-inflammatory properties, which means they’re great for people who suffer from inflammation due to allergies or asthma.

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Good girl also has layers of tuberose and jasmine

Good girl also has layers of tuberose and jasmine. Tuberose is a flower that has a sweet, powdery scent. Jasmine is another floral aroma with a hint of sweetness and compliments tuberose perfectly.

These two flowers are used together to create the floral notes in good girl perfume.

On top of that are notes of cocoa, almond and coffee which give the fragrance a sensual feel

Good Girl Perfume is a warm spicy scent that has notes of jasmine, tuberose, and sandalwood. The name “Good Girl” refers to the fact that this perfume is for those times when you want to smell like a good girl. It’s not a very classy or sophisticated scent though – it’s much more girly than that!

Good Girl Perfume was created by Jean-Claude Ellena in 2003 and released under his own label JCE Fragrance. It was named after his daughter who showed him how well she smelled while wearing it one day so he decided to make an entire line based on her scent alone (he also happens to have three other daughters).

Good girl perfume has warm spicy notes blended with gourmand elements.

Good girl perfume has warm spicy notes blended with gourmand elements. It has notes of cocoa, almond and coffee. The scent is very sweet and the tonka bean adds a freshness to it.

Good Girl Perfume, a fragrance company based in Los Angeles and founded by designer Sara Berman is known for its fun, colorful fragrances. The brand’s signature scent is Good Girl, a fruity floral with berry notes. It’s light enough to wear daily but still packs enough punch to stand out from the crowd (and make you feel like a good girl).


Good Girl Perfume is a perfume from the brand, VIVA LA VIDA. This is a beautiful fragrance for women who want to wear something that stands out but also has subtle notes of sophistication and class.

Good Girl Perfume has been described as having “pure” smells like vanilla, lavender and sandalwood with hints of jasmine and rosemary. The notes are blended in such a way that each note creates its own unique scent while still remaining cohesive with the other ingredients used in this product.

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