What Are IGTools?

Do you have any sway? Do you run a company and want to expand it on Instagram? Do you observe your competitors advancing up the social media success ladders and ponder how they manage to amass such large followings? Then, while looking for an answer to your query, you most likely came across IGTools.

Instagram has over a million active users, making it the most popular social media site for businesses of all sizes. Because of this, keeping a strong social media presence on Instagram is now essential for career success; you can do this by using the best Instagram growth services available.

This post will explain why IGTools, one of the growth services that is frequently mentioned nowadays, is NOT a good choice for your Instagram development. We will also discuss AiGrow as the top substitute for this tool.

Now let’s get started!

What Is IGTools


The one Instagram growth service that is now the focus of a lot of user discussion is IGTools. Your social media presence will develop thanks to this Instagram growth tool, and you’ll get more Instagram followers as a result.

It’s vital to keep in mind that this website and another one that comes up when you search for IGTools.net are quite similar. Its website address is iGPanel. The fact that these two provide the same services and share the same content is interesting to note.According to some users, these websites’ services are never available, so if you wanted to utilise them, you would have to constantly switch between the two.

Let’s get into more detail about how this IG tool functions in order to understand it better and why we do not endorse it.

How Does IGTools Work

Openness regarding how a growth service manages the entire process of earning you new followers is essential when choosing the ideal option for your Instagram page.

Unfortunately, this tool hasn’t been entirely open about how it operates. We just know that they employ bots to deliver likes and followers to you on IGTools.

The simple fact that they use automated bots to deliver your order is a huge red flag for your IG page because it is against Instagram’s terms of service. If you utilise such services, you incur the very real risk of permanently losing access to your IG account.


Additionally, IGTools promises that these new followers will be added to your account quickly. But they wouldn’t be added to your account in a matter of minutes if these followers were genuine, would they?


These followers, in our opinion, are essentially fake, and they could seriously harm your page because fake followers won’t engage with your content, which will negatively affect your engagement rate on Instagram.

A Word Of Caution

The websites for IGTools and IGPanel can no longer be accessed. There may be several reasons behind this. The dynamic algorithm used by Instagram would be one such explanation.

Once upon a time, the number of Instagram growth companies offering fake followers and likes peaked. Those days are long gone, though!

Instagram no longer allows the use of services like IGTools that give you fake followers and likes because it encourages organic follower development and favours pages with higher engagement rates. Because they won’t engage with your material, having phoney followers won’t help you succeed.

IGTools Features


Numerous services, such as free followers, likes, saves, comments, polls, etc. are available through the tool. Let’s examine each of these in turn.

IGTools Followers

The followers this Instagram growth company gives you are false, as was already mentioned. The majority of these accounts have fewer than 10 posts, no clear bio, and occasionally no profile photo. They won’t interact with your content, and Instagram will eventually mark your Instagram business page as spam.

IGTools Views

Yes, you can use this technique to increase the number of views on your videos. Still, that’s it. The number of followers, typical likes, comments, and saves are used to determine your page’s engagement rate. Views from IGTools videos merely increase your totals; they have

no impact on your engagement rate.


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Pro Tip: The tools we’ve provided to you in this post on Instagram tools can be used to determine the engagement rate of your Instagram page.


IGTools Likes


Using this tool, you can obtain free Instagram likes. The people who have liked your postings are false, as your actual followers will see if they take the time to look them up.

This seriously undermines your company’s credibility. Nowadays, no one has any faith in companies that use false followers and likes.

IGTools Story Polls


With the help of polls, you can get your followers to interact more with your page and finally buy from you. For your polls, IG Panel offers fictitious votes. Therefore, there is no actual individual behind that vote who may be converted into a client.

IGTools Saves


By using this programme, you are certain to get several free fake saves for your posts.


IGTools Comments


Emoji comments and comment likes are the two services offered by IGTools net for Instagram comments.

Consider that you want to evaluate a page before you decide to use its services or buy something from it. When you read through the comments under its postings to discover some user feedback, all you find are emojis. What sort of feeling does this give you? Undoubtedly not a good one.

You will look bad in front of potential clients if you do this. They want to see actual material and real followers from you.

IGTools Pros And Cons


Let’s now examine some of this IG growth tool’s benefits and drawbacks.


IGTools Pros


  • A variety of cost-free services, such as IGTools’ free views and follows.
  • The website is secured using SSL authentication.

IGTools Cons


  • They offer your followers, likes, and views using bots.
  • You must pass too many CAPTCHA tests before using the services.
  • The followers on IGTools are free but fraudulent. Furthermore, false likes and followers can seriously hurt your Instagram page.
  • There are no FAQs or support pages on the website.
  • Poor customer service that is unresponsive when you need it in the present.
  • Both websites’ services are consistently offline.
  • There are no valid audits.
  • IG Panel Net promises to provide these services in a matter of minutes. There is a    daily cap on the number of Instagram followers and likes you can accrue, and going over that limit will result in shadowbanning or action-blacking.


then what? What should you do if you realise that this is the wrong instrument for your Instagram growth? Is there an answer to this suffering?


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The Best IGTools Alternative: AiGrow


AiGrow is an Instagram growth tool that can assist you with your social media presence, as the name would imply. It generates new followers for you by fusing advanced AI technology with human understanding.


You may get an all-in-one solution with features like an IG scheduler, a human social media manager, smart targeting, and more from it in addition to helping you increase your Instagram following and engagement rate.AiGrow provides you with a dedicated account manager who drives real traffic to your page, in contrast to IGPanel which employs bots to gain you bogus followers. Using information provided by artificial intelligence technology, this account manager starts commenting on and sharing the posts and stories of your potential followers.Read the entire AiGrow review if you want to know every little detail about this service. But now, let’s quickly review some of its characteristics.

AiGrow Features


  1. Free Link-in-Bio Tool: Have you ever desired to include a number of links in your bio but were unable to do so because Instagram forbids it? You can easily include as many links as you’d like in your bio thanks to this AiGrow feature!
  1. Post Scheduling App: Consistency is the key to Instagram success. On occasion, though, we are too busy and unable to post on Instagram at the perfect time. By selecting this option, you can automatically submit your information at the right time.
  2. Content Repost: You can share viral posts using this service to drive a lot of shares and likes to your account, which will ultimately lead to your Instagram growth.
  1. Fourth-Generation Targeting.
  1. 5. Clever Contest Selection.
  1. Bulk DM Tool: This function enables users to automatically send welcome messages or any other messages they choose to their new followers. a great tool for mass DMing your followers and engaging them.
  2. Mass Delete Instagram Posts: You may quickly and easily delete all the posts you no longer require!
  1. Instagram Analytics Instrument
  2. Social Monitoring Tool.
  1. Hashtag Maker App.
  1. PostMate Tool: This tool offers a number of possibilities, including post creation, personalised content, and Instagram design ideas.
  1. 24/7 Customer Support Team: Have there been any problems for you? Not to worry! AiGrow features a real-time, round-the-clock customer service crew.
  2. Dedicated Account Manager: You will be assigned a specific account manager after joining AiGrow who will supervise and manage the growth of your account.
  3. Want to take use of these wonderful features? Then try AiGrow to have instant access to them!

AiGrow’s Pricing


Everybody can use AiGrow, regardless of their needs or financial situation. The following details the many professional-managed packages that this Instagram growth service may provide you with.

IGTools Vs AiGrow: Final Verdict


AiGrow outperforms IGTools in terms of both the quality and number of its features when you compare these two Instagram growth services!

So don’t waste any more time and sign up with AiGrow right away to begin your Instagram journey!


FAQs On IGTools


Enjoyed reading it? Did you receive all the information you sought for IGPanel.net? Do you have any more inquiries? After that, let’s go on to some of your most often asked queries.


#1 Is IGTools Legit Or A Scam?

No. Given that all the service does is provide you with bogus insights, we cannot argue that it is legitimate. These phoney followers and likes might put your Instagram page at danger of being shadowbanned, action-blocked, or permanently prohibited, as detailed in the post.

These twin websites are also no longer accessible. Their websites have been permanently shut down. When we checked IGPanel and its twin’s Telegram channels to see if they were still operating, we discovered that all of the content had been deleted from those channels as well.

Therefore, it’s better to avoid IGTools.net and websites that are similar to it.


#2 Is IGTools Free?


Yes. IGPanel fans can join for free. Its additional services are also. However, by employing this technology, you put yourself in a position to pay a high price, such as losing your Instagram account or your loyal clients and followers.


Over To You


We made an effort to include all the details you require about this growth service in this comprehensive IGTools review. We DO NOT RECOMMEND IGTools for all the reasons that are justified and listed in this article.

In general, it’s recommended to avoid Instagram bot services because they will simply provide you with false followers and likes. Get assistance instead from companies like AiGrow. Because your Instagram account needs REAL followers and REAL development!

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