Where Is The Wayfinder Compass?

The Wayfinder Compass is missing. Many brand-new Destiny 2 players might have that question, but we’re here to explain this novel artifact.

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The Wayfinder Compass is missing. You may have thought to yourself this question if you are currently playing Destiny 2. Or perhaps you’re wondering what the Wayfinder Compass is and why it’s crucial to the game. Every season brings with it a tonne of new game additions, and if you’ve only recently begun playing, you could discover that everyone is talking exclusively about the Wayfinder Compass, leaving you in the dark. We are here to help you learn more about what the Wayfinder Compass performs and how players may obtain this new seasonal artefact, which many players will undoubtedly want to use for upgrades.

The Wayfinder Compass Quest: How Do You Get It?


You might not immediately know where the Wayfinder Compass is, but don’t worry—finding it is not difficult. In truth, all it takes to play through this part of the game and the related introductory quest is a short cut sequence that appears when Destiny 2: Season of the Lost is introduced when you log in. You’ll recognise Mara Sov, the Awoken Queen, who is a well-known figure. In the Dreaming City, she directs you toward a series of missions that will launch the Wayfinder’s Voyage I questline. You will automatically be able to use the Wayfinder Compass in your inventory and the H.E.L.M. hub area once this task is finished. The Wayfinder Compass can then be upgraded by completing weekly tasks that are unlocked as a result of this. Why should the Wayfinder Compass be upgraded? Find out by reading on.

Where is the location of the Wayfinder Compass?

The Wayfinder Compass is missing. Well, as the article suggests, it is easily accessible after answering the Season of the Lost opening question. Once finished, players can access the Wayfdiner Compass from the player menu’s artefact page. The Wayfinder Compass will also be directly inside the Awoken wing while visiting the H.E.L.M. When approaching an NPC or using a shop, the Wayfinder Compass can then be used.

How Can The Wayfinder Compass Be Upgraded?


Once you have provided a location for the Wayfinder Compass (WC), please. You might be curious in the functionality of the Wayfinder Compass and how it can be updated to earn rewards. Well, to begin with, the Compass uses a unique form of upgrade substance called Parralax Trajectory, which is obtained via finishing strikes, Crucible and Gambit matches, public events, and eliminating adversaries throughout the Solar System. Along with signing in and playing the game, season challenges may also be utilised to upgrade the Compass. However, completing the challenges can also make this ancient artifact’s upgrade process go much more quickly.

The Parallax Trajectory can be utilised to enhance or adjust the WC once it has been gathered. Powerful alterations to wear for the season will result from these enhancements. These modifications may include faster reloading times, larger magazines, and faster weapon speeds. The first cell in the first tier, which begins at the green level, costs 150 Parralax Trajectory to open. The cost to unlock the remaining cells in the column will then range from 400 to 600 PT. The green or common, blue or rare, and purple or legendary levels are where these enhancements begin.

These improvements will demonstrate how the Shattered Realm functions. Players will be able to pass through the purple barriers all across the levels by using the green tier or Barrier Breach upgrades. The True Sight improvements in the blue tier will make secret passageways and platforms visible. The sluggish effect from the Fields of Strive is eliminated by the purple tier or Safe Passage.

The Wayfinder Compass resets, right?

Because it is the Season of the Lost item, the WC does not reset. The Proving Hammer and the Spicer Glove both hold similar levels of significance to this relic. Although not every weekly task will increase the Wayfinder Compass, there are seasonal quests to complete. Any quest that has a little Wayfinder Compass icon next to it will show you whether it is configured to provide you with the Parallax Trajectory required to calibrate or upgrade the WC. Where is the Wayfinder Compass won’t need to be a constant question. Just take a look at your character screen’s Artifact slot. Throughout the entire season, the Artifact will remain in the player’s inventories.

The Compass: Why Is It Important?


There are artefacts in Destiny 2 that can be used to acquire critical upgrades during each season. The Wayfinder Compass functions similarly to the objects from earlier seasons, as was already explained. The Wayfinder Compass will enable players to earn improvements that can help their class and how they play the game, much like the Splicer Glove and the Proving Hammer. Upgraded magazine capacities, quicker reload times, and quicker weapon fire can all make a difference whether a raid is becoming too challenging or you’re stuck online by yourself and encountering adversaries who are merely that much harder to defeat. You may shoot like a pro and help your guardian overcome even the most difficult obstacles by locating the Wayfinder Compass and accomplishing the weekly objective.

Players can use the Wayfinder Compass to assemble some potent improvements now that we have explained where it is and how it works. Just keep in mind that not every weekly challenge qualifies for a Compass upgrade. Additionally, because the Compass experience is time-locked, the weekly challenges will quickly expire. To ensure you increase the WC to the greatest level, make sure to take on those challenges as soon as you can.

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