Where to Find WordPress Training?

If you are new to WordPress, there are many places you can find WordPress Training Institute In Patna. Some of these places offer free online courses. For instance, Noble Desktop offers a free seminar called Introduction to WordPress that helps you learn about WordPress without writing any code. You can also take online classes at Coursera, Udemy, or Intellipaat.


If you’d like to start building websites quickly, Coursera’s WordPress training course might be right for you. This two-hour course is split into three different levels and is facilitated through a combination of video and written content. The course covers everything from how to set up a basic WordPress website to how to create a fully functional website from scratch.

Coursera’s WordPress training course is free for all, though you will need to create an account. This course is highly detailed, and includes a hands-on learning experience. It also includes access to a WordPress control panel. It focuses on the basics of WordPress site building and includes training from a popular WordPress plugin developer, Yoast.

The first lesson teaches you the basics of WordPress, including the building blocks. You’ll learn how to use the Admin Panel, and how to work with pages, posts, forums, and galleries. You’ll also learn about SEO and Meta tags. And you’ll learn about Themes, which make your site look more professional.


Udemy WordPress Training is an on-demand learning platform where you can learn how to build a WordPress website. It includes a variety of classes that cover the basics and advanced features of this popular content management system. You can choose to learn through videos, articles, or a combination of the two. This course is designed to be fun and interactive.

Its instructors teach you through practical examples and projects. The course also gives you access to a sandbox account that lets you build your website along with the videos. When you complete the course, you’ll be awarded a certificate that shows you have mastered the basic WordPress principles.

The course begins with a comprehensive tutorial of basic WordPress functions. Then, students will learn to use various plugins and install them either locally or online. They’ll also learn how to use categories to organize their website’s content. They’ll learn how to nest and manage their categories, as well as how to delete categories that are not useful. They’ll also learn about Tags and Pages and how to create internal links for their websites.

HubSpot Academy

HubSpot Academy WordPress training is designed to teach you how to create a website, including the creation of a website domain and hosting. The course also includes tips and tricks for building and maintaining a website. The training focuses on using both WordPress and Elementor for creating and maintaining a website.

To get started, sign up on the HubSpot website and complete the signup form. The process requires you to answer a few questions about your business, role, and level of familiarity with the HubSpot platform. After that, you’ll be redirected to the HubSpot website, where you will have to create a username and password. Make sure to choose a strong password and enter your company and domain name.

HubSpot also offers courses on other topics, including web development, social media management, and marketing, among others. These courses are free and designed to help new users navigate the web and improve their skills. They’re also useful for anyone who is new to the social media world or wants to build their own website.


Intellipaat WordPress training aims to equip you with the skills and knowledge to create a WordPress website. This course covers relevant topics in the industry and is taught by experienced instructors. They have a flexible approach and emphasize on problem-solving through practical exercises. Students will also be provided with job-oriented preparation and 24/7 online support.

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The course is suitable for beginners and those who have limited knowledge of website development. It is divided into eight sections that cover different types of content and Hands-On Exercises. These exercises range from setting up a WordPress account to customizing the look and feel of a website. Moreover, the training is available in both instructor-led and self-paced formats.

Intellipaat’s WordPress training includes 15 hours of video content and an experienced instructor. Students can learn through the course at their own pace and can even ask questions from the instructor. The course also includes one-on-one doubt-clearing sessions with an instructor.



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