Why AI Powered Technology Hearing Aids Are The Next Big Thing

ai powered hearing aids

Hearing aids have a long history dating back to 1634, which was not even called a hearing aid yet – it was referred to as an “ear trumpet” that would help people with hearing loss hear better. The first electronic hearing aids were only invented in 1898, and over the past century, hearing aids have become more and more powerful, with better performance as well as satisfying new consumer trends.

Today, brands like Starkey have already developed what’s called AI Powered Hearing Aids. And they’re taking the hearing aid industry by storm.

What do Hearing Aids do

Before we delve deeper into what AI Powered Hearing aids are about, if you aren’t familiar with what hearing aids are, hearing aids are small electronic devices that the user either wears it over their ears or placed into their ear canal (like an earbud). These sophisticated devices help the users with hearing loss hear better.

They may come in different shapes and forms, but they are all designed with the same purpose in mind – to help people with their hearing needs.

How do Hearing Aids work

Hearing aids today may be very sophisticated electronic devices, but they all function with the same 3 basic components.

  • Microphone – This helps to pick up surrounding sound waves and send it to the amplifier.
  • Amplifier – Signals received from the microphone are increased to an appropriate volume for the user and sent to the speaker.
  • Speaker – Amplified sounds are played through the speaker and into the user’s ear.



AI Powered Hearing Aids Changes the Game

Many hearing aids today already have many powerful and useful functionalities. In noisy environments with a lot of background noise, hearing aid users can adjust the hearing aids’ settings to cancel out as much background noise as possible, in order to be able to hear speech better. Powerful hearing aids usually do this by amplifying sounds from where the user is facing (where the speaker is), and minimize sounds from all other directions.

  • Automatic Sound Adjustments

But AI Powered Hearing Aids brings this to the next level. They adjust the hearing settings automatically without having the user to manually whip out their smartphone or press certain buttons on the hearing aids to adjust. AI Powered Hearing Aids can automatically identify and analyze noisy environments and very quickly adjust the hearing settings for the user so that they can hear their best. This does not apply only to noisy environments, but any sound environment. This could be at a café, the local bar, or even during sports.

These hearing aids will constantly learn what the user likes to do and the associated sound environment that it needs to adjust to. So the more frequently a user does a particular activity – let’s say attend concerts, the hearing aids will quickly learn that the user likes to frequent concerts and be able to adjust to the right hearing settings faster with every visit, to the point it’s almost instantaneous.

This makes hearing aids that require manual control every time the user enters a particular environment much more inferior. AI Powered Hearing Aids are providing significantly more convenience to its users, automating their lives and personalizing their hearing experience. Of course, these hearing aids can also be manually controlled if the user wants even greater personalization, and even allow for custom hearing settings.

  • Real-Time Language Translation

Who would have thought hearing aids are also capable of translating foreign languages to the users in real-time as well, but they can. AI Powered Hearing Aids can recognize what foreign language the speaker is saying in real-time and translate it to the user.

  • Automatically Switches On and Off

When not in use by the user, AI Powered Hearing Aids automatically switches off to conserve battery, even if the user might forget to switch them off. Likewise, they also switch on automatically when it detects that the user is about to wear them.

  • Fall alerts

In the case of the user falling down, AI Powered Hearing Aids can detect that a fall happened and even send alert messages to select family members and friends. Especially for the older hearing aid users, this function is exceptionally helpful and gives the users’ loved ones a peace of mind.

AI Powered Hearing Aids are extremely sophisticated devices with many different other functionalities included, all of which first helps the user deal with their hearing loss issues, and then enhance their quality of life with the many powerful tools they have.

Why use Hearing Aids

First and foremost, for people who aren’t experiencing hearing loss, it may be difficult to appreciate how important hearing aids are for people experiencing hearing loss. Often times, even if people have hearing loss, they may not be fully aware and appreciate the health effects that hearing loss can have on them – otherwise more people will try to get hearing aids as soon as possible. Here are some reasons why people with hearing loss should use hearing aids.

  • Improved quality of life

By using hearing aids, one will regain the ability to hear what others are saying consistently and have more engaging conversations, enjoy music, and participate in and enjoy social events more.

  • Reduce loss of social and communication skills

If one’s hearing is affected, one’s communication skills will be affected as well. One common way this happens iss where someone with hearing loss interacts with others lesser than usual, due to difficulties in having engaging conversations. So in the long term, the reduced number of interactions with people will affect their communication skills.

  • Reduced risk of worsening of cognitive ability

Patients with hearing loss have to focus harder on what others are saying in order to compensate for their bad hearing. Unfortunately this will worsen their cognitive ability, or in other words mental processes involving the brain like memory and decision making in the long run. Using hearing aids can help minimize the risk.

  • Reduced risk of dementia

Coupled with the fact that hearing loss patients are more likely to face social isolation, the lack of communication and interactions with others will greatly increase one’s risk of dementia, especially if the patient is older.

Why use AI Powered Hearing Aids

Now that you’ve understood why hearing aids are important, why should one use AI Powered Hearing Aids?

  • Greater convenience

With automatic sound adjustments, users no longer have to manually adjust their hearing aids every time they enter a new sound environment. Better yet, it learns the sound environment automatically for its users so they don’t have to do anything at all and still hear at their best.

  • Health tracking

AI Powered Hearing Aids can even track how many steps its user has taken by measuring movement, and even measure one’s physical and mental health. And based its user’s health status, they can also detect early risk signals for dementia.

  • Revolutionize one’s way of living

With functions such as translating and transcribing, and even a wide range of information services and features integrated, AI Powered Hearing Aids greatly enhance and revolutionize one’s way of living.


AI Powered Hearing Aids are the next generation of powerful hearing aids. As more research is put into these types of hearing aids, maybe we can expect to see even more lifestyle-enhancing features from these small yet deceivingly powerful electronic devices.

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