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When your iPhone 14 overheats, it will start showing warning signs. It will not only be hot to your touch but also gets hot when you charge it, or it will work slower. Overheating iPhone screen turns black and fails to charge, or your camera becomes unresponsive and doesn’t work. If it extremely overheats, it will give you warning signs. You should stop using your iPhone 14 until it gets cold. Overheating can damage your iPhone excessively because it will melt the internal components, including the battery of your iPhone and its operating system. If you have a habit of leaving your phone in a car under the sunlight, you must not do that as it overheats the phone. Direct sunlight is not good for your iPhone. If you are using heavy apps on your iPhone, playing games, or streaming videos, stop the task immediately and let it cool. Although iPhone 14 is new and will not have a battery issue, you can get it repaired if you are still feeling that your battery is overheating and not charging. Gadget E.R. Repair, a cell phone repair shop in Ennis, Texas, suggests acting quickly when your iPhone 14 is getting hot to prevent the other components from damaging. 


Stop Your iPhone 14 From Overheating With Cell Phone Repair Shop in Ennis, Texas.


  • Close the Apps


It is important to put only a little load on your iPhones processor. Too much load can produce excess heat, causing your iPhone to overheat. It will be best if you close all the apps open in the background of your iPhone. Newer iPhones don’t have a problem if the apps are opened, but it is best to stay on the safe side. Swipe up from the bottom and remove the apps from your phone that is not in use.


  • Restart the iPhone 14


If you don’t want to close the apps or you don’t have time, the simplest thing would be to restart your iPhone. Restarting solves half of the problems and clean your iPhone. To restart, you must press the side button and volume buttons, and a slide will appear; from there, you can restart your iPhone until the Apple logo appears. Let it cool for some time after turning it off, and then restart it and check if it has cooled down. 


  • Remove the protective casing.


If your iPhone 14 is overheating, you must remove the protective casing. The casing can help keep your phone safe, but if it overheats, it needs to be removed to increase the airflow. These protective casings trap the heat in your iPhone. You can place your iPhone at room temperature or in a slightly cooler place. It does not mean that you should put it in a freezer. Some people habitually put their phones in a fridge to cool them. Cell phone repair shop in Ennis, Texas, says that extreme temperatures are not good for iPhones, whether hot or cold. 


  • Don’t charge it.


If you notice that your iPhone 14 is overheating while charging, unplug it from your charger instantly. The phone repair store in Ennis, Texas, says that yes! Charging can warm your phone, but if it is overheating, it should be unplugged. 


  • Keep the iPhone at normal temperatures.


One should not put their phone under direct sunlight. If you are going somewhere and the sunlight is coming into your car, turn down the windows and turn on the ACs so that your iPhone 14 will not overheat. If you are sitting in a park or outside, make sure your phone is placed under the shade. Gadget repair in Ennis, Texas, recommends that if your phone is charging when you sleep, don’t put it under your pillow because the airflow will be blocked, and the fans won’t work. Your iPhone can also explode in this situation. Sometimes you place your phone near the laptop fan. Two electronic devices kept close together is a no-no because they exchange heat. Even if it is placed near such a device, ensure it is powered off. 


  • Update the iOS software of your iPhone 14.


You must use the latest version of iOS because the new iOS software updates come with improvements, security updates, and bug fixes. If you see any update, don’t set it to “remind me later” and update it instantly. Apps also need updating now and then. If your app crashes or you notice that your iPhone is overheating when you use an app, you must stop using it and update it or uninstall it to prevent the phone from overheating. 


  1. Limit the processor-intensive tasks.


If you observe that your iPhone 14 is overheating while doing a task on it, limit or stop the task. You can play games on your computers and laptops or video games. There is no need to play games on your smartphone. 

  1. Get fixed by a cell phone repair shop in Ennis, Texas.


After trying everything, if you see that the mobile phone is still overheating, take it to a phone repair store in Ennis, Texas. You may be facing a hardware issue that needs to be fixed by an experienced expert professional. 

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