Why Having a Bluetooth Keyboard and Setup is Beneficial to Your Needs?


As wireless and battery power technology improves, Bluetooth products have grown to be a popular choice. It’s ever more commonplace for brand-new sold laptop computers to provide built-in wireless Bluetooth technology, or at least as an added option. Lacking built-in technologies, for desktop PCs, external USB Bluetooth dongles are usually available for around ten to twenty dollars. The subsequent Bluetooth-enabled choices below are among the preferred options at this time mice and keyboards, and have all been given sound ratings:

Bluetooth Keyboard Choices:

When compared to mice, you’ll find comparatively fewer numbers of Bluetooth keyboards offered, which results in a few brands and models that stand out over the rest. These select few are the Microsoft Mobile 6000 Keyboard, I Gear Multimedia and the Logitech dynamo Edge.

The Microsoft blitzwolf keyboard features a streamlined dark minimalist design and it is the nearest in likeness to a typical full-sized keyboard layout, but with a separate ten-key pad. The I Gear featuring its array of multi-media controls, built-in laser-trackball, and a scroll wheel, is aimed towards multimedia system lovers and is ideally suited for use with a home theatre pc or media center. Thirdly, the Logitech dynamo Edge is a high-end device showcasing a large unique layout of outstanding construction. The features include things like a touchpad, a large volume slider, as well as backlighting. It is a favorite among both multimedia and home theatre users.

Popular Bluetooth Mice Choices:

There’s a broad selection of Bluetooth mouse options to choose from, primarily aimed at the laptop computer user. Bluetooth-enabled mice are usually smaller sized than desktop mice, at least compared to the larger ones. Bestselling choices may be the Microsoft 6000 Mobile Mouse, Logitech V470, and For gamers the Razor Orchid.

The Microsoft Mobile 6000 Mouse is a solid model and incorporates Microsoft’s own Blue track Technology, allowing it to work on nearly any surface. Logitech’s V470 is slightly larger and more rounded, and currently is the most highly rated mouse between both Mac and PC owners. Lastly, the Orchid from Razor is a dual-function mouse, enabling you to use it both in its Bluetooth wireless mode and plug it in for greater response times(8ms Bluetooth vs 1ms wired). This is more than likely the best pick for gamers, as small response times are critical in hectic games like first-person shooters (FPS) and real-time strategy (RTS) especially.

Bluetooth and Mouse Combinations:


Only a few keyboard and mouse combos, but Logitech has a very strong offering with the MX 5500 combo bundle. It’s distinct because featured in the combo is a desktop-sized Bluetooth mouse, the MX Revolution Laser, which is potentially the singular one offered currently. The mouse is able to work on virtually all surfaces, and includes two scroll wheels – a rapid-scrolling one and an additional one for click-to-click navigation. Its keyboard counterpart features a large LCD screen that is perfect for use with playing songs, doing calculations, notifying you of messages, and certainly keeping track of time. It’s a perfect choice from an excellent provider known for its strong construction and excellent customer service.

Amongst all the peripherals available for a desktop PC, a Bluetooth wireless keyboard is one device that is becoming increasingly popular. For those with notebook systems, these keyboards are especially convenient for their portability as well convenience and offer the user another alternative from the sometimes small keyboard layout available on most mini notebook systems.

Why you need a Bluetooth keyboard

One of the greatest advantages of having a Bluetooth keyboard is that you no longer have to have wires draping all around your desktop or notebook system. As Bluetooth is a wireless technology you also are not restricted in a set location, instead you have the freedom to move further away from the display which is excellent for those that use large displays as part of their graphical user interface.

Now you may be thinking, great no wires! But a Bluetooth peripheral doesn’t really offer that many benefits to warrant a purchase over a standard conventional wired keyboard. Well, the fact of the matter is that there are some people that can’t stand the site and the inconvenience of regularly untying knots and cable mess as well as being restricted in a set position. For those that want a simple solution to fix these common inconveniences then a Bluetooth keyboard is a worthwhile purchase. Remember, a tidy workspace, a clear mind, right!?

Bluetooth technology is here to stay!

Whether you know it or not, wireless mediums are the future. Already on the market today you will find many various other types of Bluetooth-compatible devices for your computers such as printers, mice, USB hubs, and more. Mostly all new desktop and laptop systems come incorporated with wireless Bluetooth technology providing you a plethora of options for connecting compatible peripheral devices. Along with a Bluetooth keyboard, you could also have an accompanying mouse as well as a printing device, and for those that like taking photos you can also transfer videos and pictures straight from your handheld devices to your computer. Think about the possibilities! The flexibility you get in return for investing a little more cash in wireless devices will reward you greatly, don’t be left behind!

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